How Do You Calm Yourself ?


This seams like a simple idea right. So wrong. Being a anxious person I find it very hard to calm . I in fact let the storm sweep me up and throw me aside.
I find ways to distract myself but not calm myself. The other night I could not sleep so I started counting not sheep. Just counting. That settled me and I eventually fell asleep. Not really affective day to day.

So what do you do to calm yourself ? How do you get through the storm ? Let me no in the comment section.

First 10 Songs

What I am going to do is hit shuffle on my spotify playlist that has over 700 of my favorite songs on. I am going to write down the first 10 songs that play and what emotion or reason why I love that song. This is a great positive idea that I strongly suggest you all do and share.

1. Ghetto Life – Rick James.

I was first introduced to Rick James through the hilarious Dave Chappell sketch. If you haven’t seen it I recommend checking it out. I’ve shown it to loads of people always guarantees a laugh.
I then realized Rick James was an actual musician! A bass player too witch strung a cord with me as I to play bass.
This song is full of funk and always cheers me up.

2. Last Caress – NoFx.

This is a misfit’s cover (I think memory moment). In my first band when I was 16 we covered this. Nothing worse than family turning out to a gig to hear their son sing “I raped your mother today.”. Grounded? You bet.
It always takes me back to that mischievous time of my life.

3. Punk Rock Princess – Something Corporate.

I used to crush on this girl when I was younger and a regular at the rock club every Thursday night. We were close, maybe I’d taken up residence in the friend zone who knows. I never had the confidence to do anything. I used to sing this playing bass guitar in my room thinking that’s how she would find out how I felt. Sounds hopelessly romantic and foolish now.

4. Emo – Blink 182

As a big emo fan and a big blink fan. I nearly wet myself on first hearing this song. It’s brilliant. Showing their love for the style and showing they could boss it if they wanted.
It has the classic rising bridge witch always lifts me along with those back and forth vocals.

5. I Love You – The Ramones.

A really nice uplifting song witch drives forward with sentiment and lovely harmonious. Also the only Ramones song with a guitar solo. A well placed one too and not over the top. This song reminds me of someone who will always be important to me and I will always care for.

6. Sugar Were Going Down – Fall Out Boy.

Well there is no hiding I’m an emo fan now! This song takes me back to Leeds years ago. The first slam dunk festival. I was their travelled through with my friend. Managed to get our own beers in and watched fall out boy before they had really made a name over here. Wow was I impressed. There stage presence was amazing. I will always connect this song to that trip and how much fun it was.

7. Stay together for the kids -Blink 182.

Now this always sticks with me. The day I decided to leave my kids mam as I walked away with a bag on my back. This was one of the first things to pump threw my head phones. Crazy. The lyrics for the best part really resonated with me and still do. Now 4/5 years on I look at where I am. I’ve seen the boys regularly since the first week I left. We’re close and their happy. It all works out for the best.

8. Living for the city – Stevie wonder.

This song takes me straight back to college. I played bass and this was one of my favorite songs to play. So Much so I went away and worked out a more complicated bass line for the song with the assistance of a girlfriend at the time. I Love the sole and the heart in the lyrics. I think we can all relate in some way to them.

9. Only One – Yellowcard

This song is super charged with emotion. It just kicked my ass. I suppose I would love a relationship that had this kind of passion. “There’s just no one who gets me like you do.” I suppose that’s what we all want if we’ve lost it I suppose we all want it back.

10. Word Crimes – Weird Al Yankovic.

Thank God it’s a light hearted one to end on after that. So this is quite a funny track poking fun at people with terrible grammar like me!

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Thank You.
James 🙂

Make It Happen!


So there is no doubt possitive thinking is definitely important.some days though it’s hard. I get it. It’s about setting goals. Small achievable goals.
So I’m going to share some off mine. 5 to do with mental health and 5 that are just general. I would very much like it if you could comment and tell us some of your goals or some that you have achieved in the comment section.

1. Find ways to be alone with my thoughts.
2.Think of things with logic ,
3.Don’t always joke when uncomfortable.
4.Make new friend’s.
5.Don’t lie about how I feel.

1.Run the great north run this year.
2.Get on Holliday with the lads.
3.Get a job in care.
4.Keep Blogging.
5.keep losing weight.

How Do You Make Friends ?

This is going to sound a bit sad but I only have one friend. Now my friend and I very close however I can get pretty lonely.
I am a very social guy and people enjoy my company. It just seams to me that people tend to make bonds with people earlier in life. My best friend from early days moved to the USA.

So I suppose the question is how do you make friends with people , at my age (28).

So I will leave it to you in the comments ? Have you found yourself in the same situation? How did you change things?

Are you running from something ?


Seen this on my Facebook wall today got me thinking.

When I’m frustrated u feel like I need to get away from it all. Let’s face it at that time I’m not ready to face up to something or I feel like I need to pace.
When I’m in this state I can walk for miles or around in circles . Usually I feel like my body is on auto pilot while my mind is racing.

So what does this picture make you think about ? Let Us Know in the comment section.

The Adventurers Of Winston & Grimlock – Story created and told By My Children.

Once upon a time in a far away land called Doom City. (Were all the bad guys are living). Darth Vader and Megatron have captured two people from Nice Land.

Grimlock and Winston from nice land decided to go to Doom City to rescue the nice people. It was very far away. The quickest way was threw dinosaur land.


Winston could see one dinosaur on a mountain. Grimlock could see a dragon round a corner.


“Darth Vader and Megatron have sent us to kill you!” Said the dragon.
Right then Winston and Grimlock knew they would have to fight.


Grimlock bit off the Dragons tail. Poor Winston was hurt by the dinosaur but managed to scare him away.


Winston and Grimlock arrived at Doom City.
“Why are you two here?” Said Darth Vader.
“We are here to rescue the prisoners.” Said Winston.
“Foolish people! Loads of heroes have tried before and had a major fail.” Said Megatron.
“Do you want to do this fight and stop chattering?” Said Grimlock.


“Attack!” Shouted Darth Vader and Megatron.
Winston turned on his side and rolled over the guards.


Grimlock kicked over Darth Vader and Started to eat him. Megatron swung his sword at Grimlock but missed. Grimblock span round his tail and knocked over megatron and began to eat him.


Winston rescued the survivors and they lived happily ever after.


The End.