Leave me alone.


This is how I’m feeling right now. I want to hide away in comfort. I would be hiding on my own though.
I suppose sometimes it’s best to be left alone.
I never feel alone with my blogging community though. My phone always has some WordPress notifications for me it’s awesome.

So what do you do when you feel like this too pull you out of your funk ? Let me no in the comment section.


If You could rid the world of ONE thing..


Great question. I suppose the one thing I hate more than anything is ignorance. It causes racism , sexism and general hate.
Most hate is because of fear or not understanding. However most people do not try to understand so they get angry , for them it is easier.

So what one thing would you get rid off ? Tell us in the comment section.

If I Was Running For PM.

In my therapy writing group we were given a task to write a list of polices that we would put into place if we were PM ( Prime minister).
There was no limits set on what we could choose.

I have to say that all my polices are based on things that I thought were a good idea after a few pints!ha!

1.Paid birthdays off from work.
2.Schools finish 1 hour early over the summer.
3.Higher pension , employer must pay in more than the employee.
4.People on job seakers allowance will do unpaid work up to 16 hours. E.g litter picking and shoveling snow.
5.Give single fathers more rights.
6.Teach children from a younger age how to cook . What is a healthy lifestyle etc.
7.Slow premises to decide on smoking ban unless a restaurant or a buissnes that caters towards children.
8.No company allowed to discriminate against people with tattoos , piercings and coulourd hair.
9.Food vouchers for Milk & Veg for pensinors .
10.Teach Spanish in schools instead of French and German.

Do you agree with any of my polices? Would you vote for me? Do you have any good policy ideas you have ?let us no in the comment section.

” I respect your bull shit.”

Well you can tell I can up with the idea of this blog after a few beers. It’s true though if you really are liberal minded you have to respect their bull. This dosent mean you can’t call people on it and express your opinion on whatever bull their going on about.


Try to think what their reasoning is behind it but at the same time acknowledge that there may be no logical reason for it.

Sometimes it’s just funny bull shit…


Now I myself feel anxious a lot and this can sometimes make me nervous about sharing my opinion but when I do it’s worth it.

So have you had to call anyone out? Can you respect the bull shit?tell us in the comment section.

Bucket List.

So after going on my first rolla coaster last year I have toyed with using that to start a bucket list.
After things have changed with me recently I’ve decided to grab the bull by the horns sorta speak.
So hear is my list a work in progress I can see me adding to this over and over.

1.Run The Great North Run.
2.Do a triathlon.
3.Ride on a motorbike.
4.Act on stage again (one last performance.)
5.Play a buskers night . (Guitar & singing.)
6.Go to a music festival.
7.Run Sunderland 10k 2016

Short list so far I know but their pretty big things for me . So do you have a bucket list ?have you got any suggestions? Let me no in the comment section.



I have made some horrible mistakes , not mistakes actually I didn’t do what I did by accident. However I have learnt a lot about myself and why I did what I did.
I think I am creating a better life for myself mentally . The important thing is to learn from the past to create a better future.

I have learnt to be myself and not hide how I feel about things .

So what have you learnt? Let us no in the comment section?