Training Diary Part Two – First Race.

So a while back I signed up for a 5k race. I thought it would a good way to get a feel for what it is like to race.


So that day came today. When I woke up it was raining and thought I was going to be running in the rain however the rain stopped before the race.


So a quick picture for my dad and I was ready to go.

We walked from the registration . I talked with my dad and said all I want to do is complete the race but would be happy if I could do it in 30min or there about.

And then the race began!



The hardest part was the 2nd mile. We were running on the mud by this point and was hard to get past people and not slip over.
I was convinced that I was not going to have a good time .

Then the Marshall at a turn said “the finish is just round the corner”. So then I could see it.


As you can tell it was hard but I did it in 30 Min !!!

Bring on my next race a 10k in a few months.


New Job.

So my last job was not a good fit for me . I no that now. Telling my CPN that I was working in sales… You should have seen his eyes roll. Pretty much picked the worst job for someone who struggles with stress & anxiety.
The pay increase made it seem like a good idea and It would have helped with my future. So I thought.

So enough about old job . Let’s talk new job. As I sit on the bus panicking that I might be late (silly busses).

A friend of mine hooked me up. I used to work with him a long time. He and I have managed many bars sepratley and together so when his boss was looking for staff he got in touch.
Had interview and got it strait away.

So I will be working in the kitchen with him in a busy pub. 30+ hours and flexible around my time with the kids.

Anyway I shall fill you guys in after my shift I’m sure.

Thank you once again to my subscribers and those likers ( is that the right word ha.) You’re support means the world.

Well first shift over.
Blisters & A Burger On The Floor .


Haha. It was fun !! I enjoyed it great to be back working running about in a hot kitchen.

Everyone seems really nice , looking forward to tomorrow’s shift.

Zombie Plan.

Some things for you to think threw if the dead begin walking amongst us all.


Your going to need a good friend!

Think about it there is a limit to what you can do on your own. You will need someone who can get your back. Someone who is resourceful and trust worthy. After all you are going to have to share your zombie plan with them.
It’s best if it’s a friend you have now as you should not them pretty well. Just remember those things about them that iterate you sometimes may be a problem as you stick together 24/7.

Your going to have to tool up.


You have to accept that at some point you will have to fight. It really will turn into survival of the fitest.
So tool up strait away. Unless your prepared and already own weapons your going to need to get some. Now you can make a lot of good weapons from house hold objects. I would not attempt a raid at a weapons shop as that will be a massive target for others and you may be caught in the gun fire. Instead get yourself to a hardware shop if safe.


Your going to need a base.


Your going to have to think very carefully about were you are going to call home during the zombie apocalypse.
It’s going to have to secure against the zombies as well any human threats . If you are there long turn you should be thinking about possible farming and food storage . Of cause always have a escape plan from your base don’t get cocky.

Supplies , hey ur heard food is important.


Your going to have to gather supplies quite early into the outbreak. It is essential. Remember to think long term . Tined items with big expiration dates. You should also be thinking about farming and ways to grown and maintain your supplies.