New Job.

So my last job was not a good fit for me . I no that now. Telling my CPN that I was working in sales… You should have seen his eyes roll. Pretty much picked the worst job for someone who struggles with stress & anxiety.
The pay increase made it seem like a good idea and It would have helped with my future. So I thought.

So enough about old job . Let’s talk new job. As I sit on the bus panicking that I might be late (silly busses).

A friend of mine hooked me up. I used to work with him a long time. He and I have managed many bars sepratley and together so when his boss was looking for staff he got in touch.
Had interview and got it strait away.

So I will be working in the kitchen with him in a busy pub. 30+ hours and flexible around my time with the kids.

Anyway I shall fill you guys in after my shift I’m sure.

Thank you once again to my subscribers and those likers ( is that the right word ha.) You’re support means the world.

Well first shift over.
Blisters & A Burger On The Floor .


Haha. It was fun !! I enjoyed it great to be back working running about in a hot kitchen.

Everyone seems really nice , looking forward to tomorrow’s shift.


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