Britain’s First.


Here’s the thing … I can’t stand ignorance full stop so you can imagine how I feel about the utter rubbish I see on facebook thanks too Britain first .

What they do is they ask you to share something about the troops or someone who has died to show support for those brave who have died.
The thing is a lot of the people used in these posts do not with to be at all linked to Britain’s first. They fight for freedom not ignorance.
They are against equality not only based on race and sexuality but also on gender .

I suppose without getting into this to much . The lesson is this before sharing some seemingly harmless message on facebook check we’re the message has come from.

Feel free to comment your opinions I always reply. Thank you for reading.


Therapy & Writing Part 3.

In today’s exercise we had to pick a post card out of a selection that stood out too us and write about it. I picked this one.


This is what I wrote .

I take photos all the time for me it’s a way to save a memory. It could be a landscape of Roker seafront or simply the sun breaking threw the clouds.
I have 20+ albums on facebook titled the kids or family. I can’t wait to show the bos some of these photos , saving the embarrising ones for future partners and birthdays.
I find it very sad when people do not have these memories. Will the people who don’t wish they did later in life?
So for me I suppose when I’m old and gray I would like to be surrounded with memories like this bed.

Do you relate to my writing ?have you done exercisers like this ? Let me no in the comment section.

When you cry I’m jealous.


So when I was in group therapy the group leader asked us about how we would react if a member of the group begain to cry.
Now personally I have no issue with people crying. It dosent make me feel uneasy and I’m not bothered if your male or female.
I understand how it can be good for people. I am however jealous. Their has been times in my life were I have really wanted to cry but I just can’t.
I pit this down to having to be the big strong brother in front of my sister during the passing off our grandfathers.

So are you uneasy when people cry? Do you cry? Is it a good release for you?
Tell us in the comment section.