Confessing my ABC’s

A- Age: 28

B- Biggest Fear: Getting old and being a burden too my kids.

C- Current Time: 23:05

D- Drink you last had: Coke.

E- Easiest Person To Talk to: My best mate Alex.

F- Favorite Song: wow too man to mention . At the moment. Stop – Against Me!

G- Grossest Memory:Projectile vomiting from my room to the bathroom . I thought I was gonna die !

H- Hometown: Sunderland.

I- In love with: Being a Dad.

J- Jealous Of: I Don’t get jealous.

K- Killed Someone? Loads online.

L- Longest Relationship: 3+ Years.

M- Middle Name: John Henry

N- Number of children: 2

O- One Wish: That my kids live a happy life.

P- Person who you last called: My Sister.

Q- Question you’re always asked: “You’re A Dad?”

R- Reason to smile: kids

S- Song you last sang: Stop – Against Me!

T- Time you woke up: 7am ish.

U- Underwear Color: Batman Pants :p

V- Vacation Destination: Hawaii

W- Worst Habit: Biting Nails and Fingers.

X- Xrays you’ve had: easily 10+

Y- Your favorite food: lasagna.

Z- Zodiac Sign: Libra.

Comment with yours . Let’s get to no each other 🙂

Holiday :)

So a few months back I was pretty low. Not sure we’re my life was going. I had no job , had just caused my relationship to brake up and was not dealing with my anxiety very well.

Then my friend Nick said ” We all should go on holiday You , Alex , Adam And Me.”

Then dropped the bomb shell that his stepdad has a Villa in Turkey .


It is lush.
4 be rooms and sleeps 8! Plenty of room for us to live like kings !ha.

So the idea was in motion. All I had to do is get a job… It was looking impossible. Applying getting nowhere , you no how it goes.
Then all of a sudden a friend messages and offers me a job as chef . Sure I will take it.

So I’ve been there about 3/4 weeks. Now I get paid 4 weekly and because of when I started my first pay was only for one week.

So I had to book th time off. This became a real hassle as my boss kept avoiding the subject or saying he would speak to me at work and then he wouldn’t be there! I had accepted that the holiday for me was not happening.

Then all of a sudden another manager stepped in and we sorted it. Now I had to weight till I was paid to book. The lads had already booked there flights as they had the money.

Then I got a call from Alex ” Yo dude , my mam said she will float you the cash till your paid.”
Amazing! So I went round that night Nick ,Alex and I hung out and booked my flights .. can you believe that it was the last seat too !!

It’s Happening !!


We’re Off On Holiday 🙂 I can’t wait.

So would you like to hear about my holiday while I’m away on my blog?
Ask me anything about the holiday?
Just let me no in the comment section.

Absent Fathers Day….

So for those of you that do not read my blogs regularly. I am a Dad .. I LOVE IT.



Now it’s not the “ideal family ” set up. Yes the boys mam and myself are separated but I make sure that I see them every week.

Now it was fathers day recently and I’ve got to say I’ve noticed a trend on fathers day.
This probably sums it up.


Yeah so a lot of people slaging off absent fathers and yes I get it. I myself hate these kind of fathers / sperm donors. I have actually cut people / friends out of my life who do not share my parental views. Example a friend who I was very close with got a girl pregnant and basically no matter what I said about being involved he was not interested so I told him that was it for us.

I just think these statements / facebook posts were very self serving . I’m sure any child would want to make there mind up when they reach a appropriate age about there father and as one of my friends says.
“My mam might have been right about my dad but I didn’t wanna hear it.”

Now I came across something else on fathers day.


Now this annoyed me as I no the person involved has just announced his wedding etc.
Now for a time over one of my sons birthday and Christmas his mam did not allow me to see him. I put my money into solicitors and made sure I bought him birthday and Christmas presents. When we were reunited he got all off these things.

Is this guy doing the same ? Probably not.

So do you agree / disagree with me ? Let me no in the comment section.



Now isn’t this a deep quote. I think when you suffer from anxiety you often create negative thoughts , events , suspicions and all sorts . Now at the time these all seam plausible and that your not over thinking.
When the anxiety cloud has passed however you start to realize that these thoughts even if grounded in something are unrealistic.

It’s a hard one to do in that moment however. I find writing about those thoughts good. I re-read and sometimes doing that gives me some perspective.

So how do you deal with your negative thoughts ? Tell Me In The Comment Section.

The Future Is Coming…


I have hang ups and regrets .. who doesn’t? At some points I could definitely be accused of living in the past but hey ! The past is so definite … It’s happened. So I can focus on the things I got right and hope not to repeat any mistakes .

The future for me is well scary… It’s unpredictable .


For me the Future involves fitting everything in and then a load of new things ! Trying to change and trying to not entertain people who cause me pain.

So how you deal with future worries ? How do you feel about the future ? Let me no in the comment section.