What People Think Anxiety Feels Like.


I think this pie chart sums it up pretty well however I think I could add a few more sections.

This is the reason I keep these blogs semi private meaning I have never shared them three facebook because I’m sick of getting the question…

” you have anxiety? No way wouldn’t have thought …”.

No body expects me to have these issues because well I keep them to myself for the most part. I work in a stressful kitchen as one of the head chefs people don’t seam to think that I could do that… In reality having a job that is so busy I don’t have a minute for my thoughts to wander is perfect . On the other hand I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve lost sleep wondering if I’ve closed the kitchen properly etc.

So do you get the same reaction from people when you say that you super from anxiety or other issues? Do you agree with my pie chart ? Let me no in the comment section.



Now on seeing this definition I couldn’t help but think “hey they have a word for what I’m trying to be”.
I see something beautiful I take a picture of it . Whether it’s a sun rise or the smiles / happiness of my children.


I encourage my children not to harm spiders etc when they see them or even scare a bird. Flipping it round on them . ” if someone ran up and scared you , you wouldn’t like it right?”. They get it. It is however a matter of time before they call me hippie Dad!

Even in news headlines I think about the best possibilities that could apply that the news of course won’t cover.

I think the best way to be is put a positive outlook on things ? What do you think ?let me no in the comment section.



So this is my first time I’ve had been nominated for an award . Even though writing is just a relief for me and a way to connect with others that may go thru the same.
A major thank you too Huckleberry Friend for my nomination & to all my subscribes.

I’ve been told this is how the Liebster Award works..

Thank the wonderful person who nominated you.Display the logo for the award.Nominate 10 other bloggers.Answer the questions that the person who nominated you has set.

Let’s get started with the questions, shall we?

1. A quote you read recently that really touched you.

I’d like to say first. Awesome. Anyone who reads my blogs knows this is what I do the majority of time. I have took my time finding this one .


I’ve learnt a lot in life id like to think I’m a big Sponge . I do agree with Stan Lee knowledge is power. I also enjoy teaching people and offering guidance when possible. I do have a real nudge approach to teaching.

2. That one song on your playlist you keep listening to on repeat because you just can’t get enough!

Ridiculous question here. At the moment there is about 10+!  I will go with one and will link you to were you can listen to them too.

New Found Glory – It’s Not Ure Fault

Click To Listen.

This song is a epic pop punk power ballad. The start of this year I hurt the person who ment the most to me. I often think about them and what I did. It was all me. So as the main hook says “it’s not your fault so please stop your crying now.”

3. The one thing you love about yourself (That thing that makes you go like- “I mean, why isn’t anybo
dy noticing? I am awesome!!”)

This is hard… Very hard. I suppose I’m a great Dad . I no I rock it. My boys love me were best friends.

4.  A book that has really changed the way you see the world.

Is this a good time to admit I don’t really read books .. ha. Erm the last book I read was world war z by Max Brooks . However when I was little a teacher read me a book called “the land of the green ginger” I loved it ..I got it years later but never read it in cause it’s not as good now. If that makes sense.

5. If you could keep any animal (real, mythical,anything) in the world as a pet, which would you choose and why?

I’m guessing in this world what I choose would be domestic. So I would go with Saber Toothed Tiger . Why? It’s badass.. ha. Also when I was young I had one as a imaginary friend.

Loved this ! Hard questions . Took me a while feel free to comment again
My Nominations are below and if you’re haven’t checked them out I suggest you do . Genuine people who write awesome blogs.



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Thank You For Reading And Here Is My Questions for my nominations.

1. What is your favorite thing to do ?

2. Why do you write your blog ?

3. What’s your favorite memory?

4. Do you think technology is good or bad ?

5. How many blog drafts / ideas do you have ? Tease us :p

Thanks Once Again.

Perfect Cards For People With Anxiety.

I had seen these cards on a buzzfeed article and loved them . Pretty sure I would appreciate getting any of these.


We’ve all been there right ? Who are these people… I find alcohol helps.


Had whomever gave you this would have the best sixth sense .


I could do with this one daily. I get it it’s you ure hyped. Your minds racing ain’t ure fault , let’s go with it.


This one is for all my readers . Love you all.

I am me.


Hey I’m me , you’re you. Now we’re all introduced let me tell you what being me is like.
It’s pretty fun to be honest. I have my lows who doesn’t ( thanks anxiety) but the highs are the best.
When I was young 14/15 I think I started to find my identity . Pretty common . I had just heard the Ramones, Metallica and my friend playing guitar . Right then I new I wanted to explore music. Of course fast forward a year or so there is me Manson hoodie on , black nail varnish and long unkempt hair.
I spent a lot of my time trying to avoid fights but ending up in them because ” I wasn’t normal “.
To me they weren’t normal either but I suppose they bothered my less.

Now at 28 a dad, something’s are toned down but all in all I’m the same person with the same ideals I shared back then .
Basically normal…normal… Who wants to be normal.
Normal people , you’ve met them. There not happy. They are just drifting threw life.

The Perils Of Online Dating

So yeah been single a while now so thought I’d give online dating ago . It sucks. Ha.
Now allow me to rant about it.


Let’s face it we all put our best picture up. I agree you’d be stupid not to. Lady’s you need to be more confident . I no that ain’t easy but 6 pictures of ure face at different angles ain’t going to cut it. We kinda want to see the hole deal. Would we look twice passing you in the street?

Dick Pictures ?

Now I get it lady’s there are places to go to sauce a good look at a dick. Dating sites are not one of them.

However think about this …

You got any pictures like this on ure site …


And then your asking for “no dick pics I’m not that kinda girl.” Good luck because dim witted blocks thinking with there dick…well that will be the first idea on seeing this. Just saying.

Now Tinder … Or talk to botts dating app.

I’ve given up on tinder as it is littered with spam. Oh I have a match oh hang on.
As soon as we match I’m hit with a spam message asking ” do I want to have sex with strangers ?” Nope…. Not today.

Read my profile first !
Here’s the thing… I do. Bit Woop . At first I started messaging each person based on something said on there profile. That became extremely exhausting as after that you would get…a “yeah cool ” from the person who wanted you to take time send them a message that means something… Brill.
Or you can have someone who doesn’t understand how a conversation moves forward.


Starts with a question. You answer and ask a question right ? Right it’s not heard.

Anyway rant blog over ha.
So what are your experiences with the world of online dating ? Let me no in the comment section.

Girl Gamers ?

So here’s the thing .. I’m a geek. I’m proud whatever. I am who I am and I like what I like. The problem however it used to be a little bit alienating. Often the odd one out in a group.


There was however plenty of dudes that liked to play video games. Usually you went round to the house of the friend with the game console after school , not the guy with the new action man.


This was great until we started getting older and having strange feelings towards Lara croft.


Now the problem with being a geek was that there really was no gaming girls out there like literally none. So would none gaming / geeky girls want to come round yours hold hands and play metal gear solid….


It was a bleak time.

Now if we fast forward to today there are plenty of gaming girls … Or at least girls that will put on a tight fitting leotard and charge for auto graphs.


Now this was my view , but hold the phone I’ve just been hit with some random facts that could turn things round . Fingers crossed.


So this is the first year in the UK were there are more girl gamers than dudes.
Does this mean more geek girls flooding our streets. Sadly I think not as the majority are gaming on there phone. It just means more candy crush requests on facebook!!


Let’s face it if there were geek girls a plenty , I’d have one buy now right…

– Comment section –
Do you agree with this article ? Let us no ? Are you a gamer girl ? What do you play ?

” It Doesn’t Matter , It’s In The Past”


At the moment I’m thinking a lot about the past and trying to help work out what caused me and others pain.
I guess I was never 100% honest . This is the first big lesson I’ve learnt . So everyone I’ve spoken too I have been. Not blunt with it or rude just well..honest. not bending the truth not giving into someone’s opinion and sharing what I really think no matter how uncomfortable it is.
The second thing I’ve learnt is I need attention and love. Suppose I’m affectionate even with my friends not just romantic relationships. If I feel it’s all one sided I need to say otherwise I will hurt and buried hurt explodes and causes hurt for those around.

I’m not taking pleasure in a lot of things however I do take pleasure in..


Taking on challenges . I started working out / running with my ex. I was often told it was a phase and put down over achievements .
I’ve got to say when the relationship ended I thought I would have stopped . It however became a great distraction and allowed myself to keep busy. Now I am nearly 4 stone lighter and will be running a half marathon in a few months ! I actually really enjoy the gym and running now.

I will leave you with a quote (below). As usual feel free to comment . Does anything I’ve said hit home to you ? Any advice ?


The Vending Machine Gets It.


I laughed at this when I first sore this and then realized the vending machine gets it.
I suppose at the moment I feel like I’m drifting.
My week is full . I work, in my free time I see my kids and have a band practice.
I’m single and I met someone . She’s pretty cool . She however doesn’t think so and suffers from anxiety worse than I do. So even if I don’t wanna give up on that it’s pretty much not going to happen. That sucks.

So yeah I’m left thinking is this it for me ? On some days I’m cool with that others not so much.

Do you find yourself thinking the same ? Have you any advice for me ?



For people with anxiety this is like getting the best hit of ure best drug surely.
We spend our time worrying if we have done things right , look stupid etc.
So when someone can meet us on a emotional level recognise our insecurities and appreciate us it’s got to be the best right ? It’s exists right ? Of course it does.
Don’t forget to tell people when your happy with them and let them no they are appreciated because all of us no what it’s like to feel unappreciated.

Do you feel appreciated?( you should I appreciate you reading this!) How do you feel about this topic? Let me no in the comment section.