Walking Dead Deaths.


The first death worth talking about is Jim.
Way back in season one. Poor Jim’s life didn’t seam like it was going to last to long from the point we first met him. Now this death was very similar to the comics.
He starts to have a melt down. “What’s the point?” . He gives in on trying to survive and starts to lose it.
Shane tries to get Jim to calm down and open up about what is causing him to be acting the way he is.
This leads Shane to overpowering Jim.
As he is scaring the rest of the group. Including women and children.

Jim then opens up to Shane about people not getting hurt…

That’s a lie. That’s the biggest lie there is. I told that to my wife and my two boys. I said it a hundred times. It didn’t matter. They came out of nowhere. There were dozens of ’em. Just pulled ’em right out of my hands. You know, the only reason I got away was ’cause the dead were too busy eating my family.

With this sort of weight on his shoulders it was easy to see why he was feeling useless & hopeless.

Shane release Jim and not long after the camp is over run with walkers. Jim disappears amongst the walkers fighting them.


After the horde is dealt with Jim emerged. However Jim was not unscathed ….



Jim knows what this means for him but the group , mainly Rick do not want to accept it. They believe that they can get him to the CBC and there will be a cure for him there.


The change is happening quicker than the group would have wanted and Jim Express his wish


Jim is left buy the road with a gun to end his own life before he died from his bite and changes.

I can’t help think that if Jim had actually survived he would have been out with Daryl looking for Sophier. His love for his lost children would have caused a connection with him. So I think he would feel emotionally invested in finding her.
However that was not meant to be.

Now there is also a fan theory that Jim did not actually kill himself when he was left and instead changed into a zombie.


Also let’s not forget that in season 3 after Lori dies and Rick is receiving calls from a suspected group one of the voices is Jim’s .


“. A man calls Rick and tells him that he and others are in a safe place where no one has turned or gone insane. When Rick begs him to take in his group, the man questions if Rick is dangerous and asks if he has ever killed anyone. He asks how Rick’s wife died, noting that he mentioned he had a son and baby. When Rick declines to answer, the man hangs up.” – Walking Dead Wiki


Lost My Best Friend.

So for those of you who read my blogs will know that I suffer (boy does it feel like it atm) from anxiety.

When I first started writing blogs I had just had my first anxiety attack and break down.
During that period I walked out of my job and had lost my best friend over my own clouded horrible actions.

I started to turn it around.

I got into one on one therapy and group . The group was a writing one .

I then got a new job. I also attended the gym quite often . Almost daily. I was losing weight and feeling good about myself. I was making progress.

My new job next that I could afford a holiday . So off I went with my best friends to Turkey . It was awesome.

When I came back it wasn’t long before I was offered a pay rise at work and to become kitchen manager / Head chef.
This meant that my pay would be a little better than when I was working in the call center. (A job I think that helped cause a lot of anxiety but the pay tempted me.)

Seams like everything is on the up ,right ?

Wrong. Getting this job caused someone to stand down. This is causing people to begin bitching about me etc.
I’ve got into the habit off 2 energy drinks at the start of the day and drink pop threw out.
7:30am – 6:30pm shifts also put me off the gym. So the weight is coming back. So back in the gym I shall go next week.
This morning I have replaced my energy drinks with diet coke and water threw the day.
Also working at a pub/restaurant has led me to often have a few beers after work. So I’m going to have to stop that two.

Time to get back on track & hope I don’t lose my shit first .