I’ve noticed this about myself. When I have something on my mind I close off and quiet up.
It’s noticeable as I’m usually quite extrovert , cracking jokes etc.
This leads to the “what’s up with you?” Questions. When quite frankly I wanna just be left alone.
One day I might be able to crack being fed up but not change my body language to much!




This has been my first Valentine’s single in about 3/4 years.
The thing is sometimes (including Valentine’s ) I almost threw money at a relationship to help make it better. To forget the real problems.
In the end none of that mattered.

I do believe in real love . We’re every day you make each other feel loved and appreciated. With a hug , a Txt , a kiss or just simply knowing that you are there for each other.

I lost that over the last year however I think I may have found it . So fingers crossed.

Don’t think that this blog is against Valentine’s . It isn’t . I like seeing people happy .



I couldn’t agree more with this statement.
If you don’t have a “happy song” that you can turn too then you definitely need one. I recommend “I got a feeling – The Black Eyed Peas “.
I have plenty of sad songs as well for when I just need to be alone.
When I break out the angry songs (thank you slipknot ) however you better avoid me !

I also play drums and this is a great cure for anxiety for me. When your playing your moving to fast to think about anything else. Really clears your head .

So do you have a favorite happy song ? Let us know in the comment section.

Not Just Words.


This is a interesting one for me. I’m quite good at reading body language it just sort of comes easy to me however body language can some times mean sweet f-all.

With anxiety I tend to read into everything not just the words in a conversation.

The only thing that does not apply to me in this quote is “I trust my intuition”.

Guess I’m not quite there yet.

Are you there ? Any ways that helped get you there? Let us know in the comment section.