Happiness Is….


Happiness I believe has a lot to do with what you do and it’s your happiness to take control off.

To explain a little better I try to put a positive spin on things ..


I’ve go to say this approach didn’t happen over night and it’s something to work on. The most frustrating thing is being in close contact with someone who is negative.

I try to cut these people out of my life. Not strait away obviously but if no change they will not bring me down with them so best to let go.


So with all that make a change ! Let me no how it goes and keep smiling 🙂

How’s Life Going At The Moment ?


I think the above picture sums up how life’s going at the moment.
I feel like there is a part of me screaming to get out !

The problem is I’ve got myself feeling a little numb.

I Work , I Sleep , I Work , Have The Kids , Sleep , Work and It Goes on.


This has lead to a little intolerance on my part. I’m trying to branch out make more friends and hopefully find someone I can be happy with on a romantic level but it’s hard to connect.

So have you had this problem before ? What did you find helped ?
Let me no in the comment section 🙂