Pokemon Go !

Well what a week it’s been thanks to this amazing and social game!

For those of you that may not no what this game is I shall try and explain it simply.

The idea behind Pokemon is to catch them all. How do you do that? Your phone uses your GPS , displays a map and you use that to search for Pokemon. You can also visit pokestops witch are places of interest and doing so will give you surplies. Gyms will also display on your map and you can compete there against other teams .

This means a lot of walking !

Witch is great. Everyone’s getting exercise . The amount of people I’ve seen on social media sites saying there getting out more it’s great.

The social aspect of the game is amazing to. Just yesterday I was at my local park hoping to catch my first squritle (no luck) . I bumped into a guy near a gym.

‘Are you battling me for the gym?” He asked me playfully.

We got talking . Turns out he was on my team and a little ahead on the game . We talked and turned out he was from another part of the country traveling to my neck of the woods for the first time . Was not long before I was giving him a tour of my area and it’s parks and sea fronts. Then after a number of hours (until phone bat died) and we had taken three gyms we called it a night. Added each other threw social media. A friend made threw this game. I have many stories of a similar nature and I’ve only been playing 5 days.

This is great for mental health and just general happiness . It’s activity encouraging and rewarding you for exercising and socialising.

It definitely made the school run more fun !! 

So go now get this game and enjoy it .