Stay Positive.

So for those who do not follow my blogs I took to blogging mainly to have free expression and coincide with my anxiety.

Man it fucking helped 🙂

You guys helped me ! For that I am forever grateful.

For a year I struggled . I couldn’t sleep , nights were the worst.

I took to listing to pod casts that made me smile on a night (manky Karl Pilkington) and threw here found that many other people do the same.

My job was hard . I changed from a soulles job of tell marketing to being a chef. Both jobs with different types of stress but this was the type I could manage.

Also I could have more interaction with Co workers as in a call center. You obviously can not talk while taking calls for 7 hours !!

The only thing was I found myself very lonely. After the self implosion that was my last relationship I had become a little numb to other people.

People were interested , but I just couldn’t make that connection and often feeling awkward & out of my depth.

Then something great & definitely scary happened. I met Amy. We connected pretty quickly and she could actually hold a conversation threw messages (yes online dating ! ) 

There was competition however with another girl who’s opening message read ” hi you seam cool. I have type two diabetes and can’t drive hope that doesn’t bother you.” How could I resist that ?

So it’s crazy. She gets me I can tell. I don’t have to try and be something I’m not.

I feel comfortable to share anything with her . Completely honest.
So my life is on the up and I wanted to share it with you guy because you’ve been here threw the worst of it. You’ve shared your experiences and offered positive words.

If your having a hard time off it . Keep your head up , keep strong and remember you are awesome , it’s just a bad day.

Things get better.