Express Your Power Be Creative.

I am a MASSIVE fan of creativity in any form. It could be a joke , art , crafts , blogs ,videos ,expressionism , music , acting the list could go on pages.

The top and bottom off it I feel it’s important for us to express to release.

Don’t fear it , don’t fear judgement. I have taken part in many types of creativity and 9/10 times it creates happiness . 

Just the other day my partner was making crafts for a fair and I got stuck in. She showed me how to transfer a pattern on to wood and it was a great thing to share in that creative outlet.

People who aren’t creative well I feel they are repressed just waiting for someone to drag them up a mountain so they can scream and let themselfs go.

Once you let your power out and show other people your creativity and all round positiveness you help with creating a better world.

And soon…

It’s can be anything the other day I turned a quote from my tipsy partner into a meme . 

It gave us all on Facebook a great laugh.
You got to let it out be creative . You could even write a blog ☺️✌️

Live Life.

I think this quote is pretty awesome. 

I really believe in creativity and freedom of expression and just generally doing what you want unless it hurts others. With that in mind I think trying new things out is a must.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Recently I helped my partner with some craft work. I was nervous I’d fuck it up but you no what…I didn’t ..not to band any way and I had fun. I learnt a new skill and spent some quality time with a loved one.

So go out try something new. Something to make you smile.

Have you tried anything new ? Tell me about it in the comment section.

Sleep Well.

For me my anxiety rears its horrible head at night. He waits till the moment I am most tierd and then says.. “have you switched off this oven?” “Are the kids okay” “is …. In a mood with you” and question after question.
The way I deal with this on a night is to listen to a pod cast . I listen to pod casts with Karl pilkinton as it’s funny and puts me in a good and relaxed mood.

Also for those that follow me I have been in a relationship for a number of months now and couldn’t be happier.

I have been able to sleep without a pod cast and instead a good cuddle calms my mind.

So hang in there.

Do you have the same problem?talk to me about it on the comment section.

Stay Positive.

Sometimes it can be hard to deal with people who are mean or lash out for no reason.we can be left hurt , surprised and confused.

I have been in a relationship before were my partner would attack me verbally and belittle me.

It took a long time to realise that the reason they did that was to make them feel better about themselves and keep me down and were they wanted me.

So if you find yourself in that situation just remember . There the monster not you.
Have you been in a similar situation? Let us no in the comment section how you deal with it.

Sad Times & Understanding Them.

So let’s just get this out there. Depression sucks ass. Those with it suffer sometimes daily and friends of those suffering try there best to understand.

It’s the nothingness that can be the worst . It’s a strange thing to describe feeling empty sort of numb. The good thing (taking from my experience , not always the same for others.) It tends to pass.

It’s the anxiety , sadness ,self loathing , hopelessness ,isolation and guilt that causes a constant cycle. Some times that cycle can be broken bit often enough it will find its way back too you.

Now our numbness and our difficulty to communicate cam often be read as not caring about others. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Friends and loved ones mean a great deal too us , never forget that.

Stick in there . Never be afraid to educate yourself on the subject of depression and be understanding.

It gets hard before it gets better.


Well said Riker.

Trust is very important . When you suffer from anxiety however trust is hard to give as you are fighting against silly thoughts while trying to trust.

It can be difficult. Luckily for me I have someone who makes me feel comfortable at eases and able to trust. It’s strange in a good way but I have no doubt she is full off kindness & a warm heart. She makes it easy to trust.

So thinking about that I think it has a lot to do with the person that makes you feel comfortable.

At work for example I don’t expect my colleges to tell me the truth all the time . There is no weight on me to trust them. Sure it annoys me when I catch one lying but in the great sceame of things it matters very little to my health.

Healthy At Work

Some steps I hope can help keep you mentally stable while working. 

Works important right ? It brings in the Benjamin’s !!

1. Go Home On Time.

Sounds pretty basic right. The end off the day your better of home with your loved ones and doing things that bring you joy tham staying longer than you need to in a sometimes stressful environment.

2.Take A Lunch Break.

It really follows along the lines of step one. When your working hard you deserve a break a rest bite to get back on your feet. That’s why it’s called a break. Even if it’s fifteen minutes in the fresh air it’s important to take time to clear your head.

3. Set Realistic Deadlines.

Now this can be a harder one as your Deadlines are not always in your control. Or up to you to set. However most bosses will have to agree to do this as they have a slight duty of care especially if they want a good performance from there staff. stand your ground.

4. Take Your Holidays.

It’s important to take time off. Go on vacation if you can . Spend some of that hard earned cash on yourself. It can’t all be work , bills ,work and bills enjoy yourself . Which brings me too the last step.

5. Allocate time for things you enjoy.

I think it is essential to take time to enjoy a hobbies or a social activity regularly outside off work. I myself enjoy playing music others I no are creative in other ways outside of work. It can also be as simple as spending time with friends and loved ones. Or even taking time to just sit chill and watch the world float by. 
Do you agree with my list ? Any suggestions ? Let me no in the comment section.


I’ve got to say it’s usual to feel this way as you get older. Life experience I suppose . It makes it hard to tolerate fakeness and people who exaggerate them self and there day to day life.

You can feel like this a lot especially in a work place. 

I work in hospitality and the turn over is quite frequent and the age of staff can vary .there isn’t many exaggerations or behaviour that I haven’t seen before .

Having said that don’t take a negative approach and give people time before evaluating a opinion of them or there situation. Put yourself in there shoes.

Start Over 

Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself ! 

It’s scary sometimes to look inwards and find faults with yourself but it is a important to do so to better yourself.

Are people clashing with you for similar reasons ? do you notice yourself to be in a sort of funk ?

We can get into patterns of behaviour and not all are good , only you can change that .

Don’t expect people to evaluate themselves in the way you do and don’t forget others can be at fault too. It’s not all on you.