Life – Update.

So life has been great found someone I really care about. I feel in love so quick and so hard.

I then fucked it up. I’m doing everything I can to put things right. I’ve broken her trust .

I’m possitve sometimes that I can do it. Others I’m not and I hate myself for how I made her feel.

You can’t turn back time but you can learn from mistakes and what a mistake.

So I’m taking it day by day. We are still messaging but I haven’t seen her in person for days. I just hope that when we do see eachother the spark is still there for her. I know it will be for me.

She is always on my mind.

Another Great Night 👌

So ready for sleep right now. I feel like I’ve been sleeping less as I’ve been busy doing various things but when I do sleep man do I sleep ! It’s great.

So time to pop on a pod cast and hope I dream of something nice . 

Peace out world see you on the other side 👌