Budda Gets It Again.

Last night I had the realisation of peace of happiness I’ve never felt. I’m not sure how but when I’m with her I feel more wanted than I ever have been by anyone.

When we cuddle intogethr it feels like she is just part of me and I’m a part of her.

You see I’ve kided myself a lot in past relationships tried to lie to friends about how great it is and also lie to myself.

This though is unlike any relationship I’ve ever been in. I actually feel loved.

Has is been easy….

Hell no. We’ve had some pretty major fights in the early part of our relationship but we worked through them and no matter what we said about one another have moved on like it never happened.

In a way I feel like it brought us closer together.

Never Shut The Fuck Up…..

I talk ….then I talk…then I txt….then I talk….

I’ve noticed I can’t shut my daym mouth especially when my anxiety is peaking but when I was at my worst point last year I spent a lot of time on my own walking no talking.

I walked for miles every night armed with my Spotify and Pokémon go ( gotta catch em all quietly)

I thought about all sorts and at a few poits didn’t manage to hold back tears and must have looked like a crazy person walking by the road.

Hey don’t listen to Jonny cash when your depressed. 😂

You see I don’t seam to ever do this anymore . Just pop in the ahead phones and just walk no plan just keep walking deciding every turn as you approach them.

Was a good way to fill time. I wasn’t ready to be on my own just doing nothing. Needed to keep busy.

It’s not something I need to do unless I’m going through something . 

Suppose a coping method in a way.

Deserve You?

Trust has caused some issues in my new relationship. Mainly on my side. The insane thing is I trust her 100% and then my head fucks with me tells me my logic is wrong.

Well fuck you anxiety ! I no the truth now and to be honest I’ve known this all along.

She loves you. She wants only you.

I’ve never had anyone look at me the way she does. I’ve never had a look made me feel so wanted.

Hey Anxiety … Kindly Fuck Off.

Will anxiety and my head ever alow me to be happy ? Seriously I can’t be the only person to ask themselves this every day.

Take for example if you feel like you have done something wrong and that the person you have wronged is simply busy after that and can’t talk that leaves you to beat yourself up. Over and over again.

Why did I do that ?

What’s wrong with me ?

Have I hurt people?

Why do I hurt people ?

People would be better off without me…..

You see my mind can make me not believe or trust the most honest person I have ever made. Actually no I no the truth I just have my head saying but what if?

I will not let this ruin me and my happiness . I am fighting with my head . I’m making changes I’m just going through a tough time at the moment.

A lot of things remind me of past trauma or things that have effected me emotionally.

I need to remember that I’m not repeating the same situation over again with the same person. 

Kinda Who I Am…

Don’t wanna bang on about this too much but seen this quote and its me !

It’s not beautiful however it’s hard specially with anxiety just telling you it’s going to fuck up or encoding you to fuck it up .

Im happier at the moment more than I ever have been. Unused to lie about things partners would do or say that way nice. 

Now I have a partner that actually does those things for me . No bullshit neasesery .

Never Sure.

I have dreams of a ideal life I’ve never wanted a perticular job or goal like that in life all I’ve ever wanted was to have a family and a partner and be happy.

I’ve got the family but the partner who came with wasn’t right so I keep searching for a place to call my own with someone I love.

It’s no fun at 31 living in the smallest room in your parents house. If I had to pack to move now I’d have about 10 bags of stuff.

I have no major property. I couldn’t survive on my own though financially.

Ive invested to much in the wrong people. That’s changing now.


I do think this is massively important I try and do things for others as much as I can. If I’m left in my bbest mates house for to long on my own and he comes back and his kitchen is clean too to bottom 😂

The other night I dashed out in my car to give someone I didn’t know a power pack for there phone as it was going to die and they needed it.

Sometimes I’m reminding myself to help others and other times it happens naturally .
It’s one part of my personality I like probly the only part.

They Say That Love Is Forever…

So she shared a song with me last night and after listening close to the lyrics today it was inane man it’s exactly how I feel.

I mean check the lyrics above. I’m definitely broken but I no that she is truly the first person I’ve felt like this for I will never leave her.

The crazy thing is after telling her . Those lyrics is exactly how I feel from my perspective and she said the reason she had shared that with me was it’s how she felt too.

Man I’m in love.