Hey Anxiety … Kindly Fuck Off.

Will anxiety and my head ever alow me to be happy ? Seriously I can’t be the only person to ask themselves this every day.

Take for example if you feel like you have done something wrong and that the person you have wronged is simply busy after that and can’t talk that leaves you to beat yourself up. Over and over again.

Why did I do that ?

What’s wrong with me ?

Have I hurt people?

Why do I hurt people ?

People would be better off without me…..

You see my mind can make me not believe or trust the most honest person I have ever made. Actually no I no the truth I just have my head saying but what if?

I will not let this ruin me and my happiness . I am fighting with my head . I’m making changes I’m just going through a tough time at the moment.

A lot of things remind me of past trauma or things that have effected me emotionally.

I need to remember that I’m not repeating the same situation over again with the same person. 


4 thoughts on “Hey Anxiety … Kindly Fuck Off.”

      1. I was told my my counsellor that if your mind is going through ‘what ifs’ then you need to look for solid evidence to back it up. If you can’t find evidence – then it’s irrelevant and I shut it out (easier said than done) I’ve also started talking things out with a friend I can trust. I explain the situation and physically ask those questions: Am I in the wrong? Do you think they’re ignoring me? And she is there to say no and talks me through it. I’ve also bit the bullet with some friends and simply made contact and asked if they’re ok. Making that initial step and evaluating the reply you get can give you a better verdict of whether you have upset someone or whether it’s just your anxiety back to its old tricks. Hope that helps 😊

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