Hey Depression , Why You So Sad …You Prick !

Sometimes I have days were everything kinda sucks. My anxiety has created negative sinarios and when I struggle to see the good I get clouded in by depressions bull shit.

I forget I’m loved.

Anxiety creates depression for me because I’m always thinking about the worst case and for me that is not being loved.

Sometimes I can feel like that for hours or days but when I come out of the haze and realise that I am in fact loved that I don’t need to beat myself up. Hell I feel stupid but because of what I’ve gone through mentality it makes me massively greatfull for the happy times .

So fuck you depressive thoughts.

Fortunately I don’t feel like I am owned by these thoughts. I feel really sorry for those that do . I only get snipits.

If your reading this and you do. Remember you are loved you are important and things will ultimately get better .


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