Forever Alone Can Fuck Off

The last 24 hours have been so hard so mentally challanging and on about 2 Hours sleep.

After I left Sam with her mates. She continued to message me she was going to walk home from.where she was early morning.

There is no way I would let her ever do that because I care about her so fucking much.

Even though I was upset I didn’t no where I stood did she still not want to be with me ?

I had to make sure she was safe.

I got her back to hers and tried to be distant and get her to bed safely and leave. She wanted me I didn’t feel like I could do anything incase when she sobered up would have regretted it.

It’s killed me.

It killed her.

Then it happened we both talked we both seen eachother in a park with the kids and it was like nothing had happened. Looking into her beautiful blue eyes I new no matter what shit we will go through we will come out stronger.

I wouldn’t keep fighting for someone I don’t love and I’ve never felt a love like this .


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