Major News Announcement!

Oh no did I just troll you…. don’t be silly.

I think through most of my life I’ve dealt with people who have this attitude “no one cares” . Its very sad for sure and I think most people would say they have felt like this at some point in there life.

I find when I’m going through this these steps have really helped me.

1.Remember The Little Things.

At times when we are in this downwards spiral we can easily forget that the people we care about show us how much they care in different ways. It doesn’t always have to be a massive gesture either.

2.Take A Breathe.

Take some time to clear your head and take stock. Remember that things may seam worse at the moment but in time those things will melt away.

Hope full those steps will help. Do you do any of those steps? Can you think of anything else that may help?

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I’m going to do something totally different from the norm for me on today’s blog.

I suppose that the usual set up for my blog is that I just spit out my thoughts unedited and sometimes there misunderstood because of this.

Its time to make a change. Its time to make a positive move.

Im going to ask that you interact with this blog if you believe it is helpful and you could get something beneficial from it.

Today im going to ask you to make a list in the comment section…”what about?” Your asking.

Write a list of 3 things that make you happy.

Here is mine.


2.Family & Loved Ones.


Another Awesome Day.

Sometimes you have to really enjoy the little things in life .

I spent sometime writing music tonight ive not done that in so long. not felt like I could and as for being in a band well that was never going to happen.

You need to have inspiration , I have plenty at the moment.

My lyrics have always been shit but I will share some……

“Across from each others arms, There trying to tear us apart , where in this together , wondering when the shits going to stop.”

Just part of the song a possible chorus hook.

Oh and I got my fuel bonus for the year with the move at work…. couldnt believe it extra £800+ on my pay check I nearly died 😮👌

Good Day.

So many good things are happing in my life right now it fills me full of hope and happiness.

Been so good to talk to people that matter,give support and talk about things personal to one another.

Its great being able to give back and mentor people and help them through there own mental struggles.

Ive achieved some massive goals that I did not think would be possible a number of months ago.

Also speaking to some people close to those that hate me . The people that they think they can trust. Well thats been interesting but I have a “Dont want to know attitude to that part of my life”. Its unimportant to me.

My focus is on the future something id put on hold but that was temporary now its time to plan , prepare and live.

Also my three new blogs have been doing amazing . The one im most proud of is where ive been writing short stories & Another where I talk about how I ended up with majority custody of my children. Things quite new for me to talk to on this medium so have taken to a new audience to do so. If your interested in links let me know(If your a registered user that follows my account/not some random made up user). Let me know in the comments.

Also got a possible collaboration in the works with a fantastic blogger so looking forward to getting the ball rolling on that.

Also my new youtube channel is doing quite well . With it being quite personal stuff I was not expecting it at all.

I cant wait to finish this now. Hit publish . Turn over in my bed and go to sleep. Once again with no podcast just into a hopefully cheese comma / vivid dream.

People will try….

And hurt you and get under your skin. I. Suppose it might make them feel better or have a bit of relief or joy knowing they have hurt someone else.

The thing is though people like that cant hurt me not with saying the things they have. They have just made me feel happy for them.

I have had so much free time now and that has been scary and it has been hard to get used to. I mean I used to even get followed into the toilet…. didnt get much time alone. Thats not a complaint about the fact I spent so much of my time with one person im just highlighting how different things are now for me.

I feel almost like a widow (or the male version) I dont think I will ever be able to love again and move on etc. I said in my blog “forever alone” & “fuck forever alone” exactly how I felt.

But some great things have happened over this week.

Someone tried to work friends against me and I let anxiety burry me away …. but I thought fuck it and went out and guess what all those people who matter that I thought had been turned against me well…..quite the opposite.

Ive been to the gym 4 times this week (once with a hangover 😂) and guess whos back too running 5k no breaks….me. plus the weights ive been doing,stepper,rowing machine and criss trainer . To think I spent time thinking the worst thing would be if someone I cared about thought what I do about myself …. That im fat & ugly.

Turned out they thought that and a lot more nasty things . Was often put to me as a joke but more recently just said outright to me & people close to me. Shows there true colours. Said more than once too.

Also the kids have been making amazing progress at school and after talking to someone important people to do with there well fair have been assured that things are good and wont be effected.

Ive also been working on a blog now for a number of months all about what has gone one with the kids including evidence that ive been told im more than within my rights to share.

Havent quite decided what im going to do with it when finished but its nearly there.

Also had several meetings about important stuff and its all looking good. Also got a pay rise at work £10+ a hour 😏 very nice and job title changing to manager 👌

Also got some new music from one of my favourites and just so happens to be a great song and the lyrics very fitting at the moment.oh and did I mention ive been jamming in a band again. Playing some very heavy stuff I love it!

Ive got time now for things that used to make me happy. Not saying that what replaced them didnt also make me happy but glad I can fall back on them.

Oh and my views are through the roof just been accepted for monetized adds as of next month 😮 Going to be fun to pick from services I think are relevant to the blog to talk about!

So goodnight love you thanks for reading ✌

See if we can make this night 3 if falling asleep without a podcast….I bet I can.


I hope everyone sleeps really well tonight. Everyone gets just the right enough sleep so they do not wake up even a little groggy or even the littilest bit sleepy.

I know people I care about the most lack of sleep can really effect them.

I hope That they have amazing dreams of there future or a fantasy that makes them happy all the way down to there heart.

That they wake up revitalised happy and content.

That as they sleep and as they wake they feel loved.

Everyone reading this who is lucky enough to have someone that loves them tell them you love them. Show them in any little way because one day you might find yourself without that special person and nothing will ever fill the gap. Nothing.