The best….

I’ve been going through a lot of comments left on my blog in the 4 Years I’ve been writing and came across the first comment I ever received.

I still fills my heart knowing that someone was kind enough to say such a lovely thing.

So it reminds me to be kind & thankful to others. Sometimes you may feel its unnecessary to do so. I often try to say nice things not necessarily because I feel them but because I know it will have a positive effect on the person I’m saying it too.

I’ve given up thinking I could be happy but that doesn’t mean I will give up on trying to make others happy.


Sorry had to que this blog for upload. Busy day today lots of great things and I fear I will be to tied up to write my usual daily.

So just a big shout out to all my followers and especially my regular daily readers that like & read. You don’t go unnoticed


I remember when you would wake me gently and id have a moment of confusion wondering where I was… of course id passed out on the couch as we watched something.

The first time I did it you woke me so that we could go to bed together. I was so happy that she didn’t leave me asleep as she went upstairs. You said something like “course not we should be going to bed together“.

I passed out on a couch tonight but woke up alone. Lights off no one to be seen.

I had dreamed you were trying to wake me and when I woke up for real. I realised I was alone.

Welcome …

To my new followers . Picked up quite a few sub’s this week. Been checking out all of your blogs and they look awesome. Some great mental health blogs.

Something for us all to remember ! I think to often we over complicate our lives to fit in with those who don’t really matter then we can just come here and write and find a whole community that we can fit into effortlessly. It truly is awesome.

Lot of people don’t tell the truth on there blogs and its so obvious to see. Its them that miss out from the connections you can make. If I can tell its false many others could too & will not be interested.

Dam You Dreams…

I woke up this morning looked at my phone it was 3:30am . Thought better be quite or I will wake her. Then realised where I was.

Shrugged it off …..

Thought “Must have been dreaming again , thank god I cant remember”. Then went back to sleep and started to dream all over again…

We were together and it was quite sexual but the focus in the dream was not the sex. It was the part after her asking me together her water after like so many times. Me sneaking to get it trying not to wake the kids. Then returning with a drink and cuddling until we fell asleep.

The dream has played on my mind all morning because I really haven’t given her Much thought for some time now . Always in the back of my head but haven’t been dwelling on anything.

So now I write in an attempt to leave my thoughts about It here and move on.

Weird Weekend

Haha I love the IT crowd and I understand Roy’s opinion here 100%.

I’m luck thought that the people that surround me are awesome. I’ve had a great weekend I really have. Spent loads of time with different groups of friends. Even went for a run with one. I was super nervous about that in case I run like Phoebe from friends 😂

I did lots of pokemon hunting and raiding this weekend too. Cant wait for the community day I will be at mobray park for sure! Oh and i got this beauty ….

Did lots of raiding too and was there when one of my best friend hit 1000 legendary raids! Now that’s impressive.

Love this quote it really is words to live buy. So I’m going to try my best to do just that. I’ve really been overcome with happiness this weekend. Even made for funny viewing me fighting a guy in a pub laughing the whole time…he got a few good digs in but in the kid of pub I’ve been drinking at you get a pint bought after….very strange.

Oh and a bird shat all over me in a busy car park while I was with the kids. We couldn’t stop stop laughing my hat was a right off and had to clean myself up in the toilet….

Its been a weird weekend!😂


I have really had this attitude all week. I’m moving on and bettering myself for me. Getting to do all of the things I was held back from doing. Even simple things like having time for friends.

I’ve made changes to my fitness small changes and big ones.

Small change : I always use the stairs going up at work now. Basement all the way up. That’s 125 steps each time. This weeks count is 2215 steps on incline .

Big change : I go to the gym now three times a week and now running 7km without breaks. Fell back in love with running for sure.

I’ve reconnected with so many great friends too.

My music blog is doing okay . Mainly doing reviews.

What I’m most chuffed about is getting behind the drum kit again! Auditioning a bass player next week and the lead guitarist has a great attitude and style. Looking forward to gigging again. Cant believe I stopped playing because I was made to feel bad for wanting to do things on my own.