How Embarrassing…..

Its time to SHARE with you and see if you have the guts to open up and share too!

I’m going to share two embarrassing moments from my life. Get them off my chest , hopefully provide a laugh at my expense !

So here we go…..

Embarrassing moment one.

So when I was in the first year of primary school (aged 5). I had been very nervous and was beginning to make new friends and was about to make an impression on everyone that would last.

So the teacher told everyone “get your clothes off for P.E” (gym).

So I did that before anyone new I was standing there stark naked ready for P.E…..

Took that far too literally 😂

Embarrassing Moment Number 2.

So I had started my new job and was settling in quite well. It was a rather large building I was working in (7 floors) . Unfortunately when it came to the men’s toilets there was only a single toilet on each floor.

The toilet had a door going into a area with a sink and a hand dryer then a separate door into an area directly ahead where the toilet was. The door to the toilet area is always pined back.

So as I sat there on the toilet surfing Facebook on my phone. Someone open the door in. I had left the door unlocked by accident. I lent back so only my legs and feet were visible as this person realised I was there and quickly left. I thought thank god they wouldn’t no it was me then I looked down I had my favorite very distinguishable vans on…..

I had to then walk back into work knowing I was the joke around the office.

So here comes that challenging part as I said at the start of this blog.

I dare you to write some of your embarrassing moments in the comment section !

Lets see if you have the guts.


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