Fun Dream….

Having pretty vivid dreams at the moment probably due to the tablets that I’m on but they have been good dreams so I hope for another one tonight ….

So in this dream we decided to look at the outside of a house we had seen for rent.

For some reason we tried the door and to our surprise it was open!

We went in and began to realise that the house was completely empty and abandoned but it was a nice house and once the door was locked and we were together ,we were safe to be together.

We began kissing passionately and I will leave it there for that bit.

After we had explored every room in the house and we were lying together amongst a old looking blanket on the bathroom floor we joked and remembered the time we had done the same before with her sitting on the sink and how passionate it was.

Then months seamed to go buy , then years.

And as we were returning back to the house she put me to bed. I new this was the end for me. She cuddled into me and I new that when I closed my eyes I would not open them again. Rather then distressing her I just held her tight told her I loved her and then shut my eyes.


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