I Absolutely love John. It’s been a while but I’m well underway with this Rewatch . At season 3 now and I feel so sad knowing what happens to his character.

The way he is broken down and becomes the bad guy. Following ,harassing & killing.

You discover he is The real monster all along its heartbreaking.

The person you knew died and was replaced with something worse than horrible.

I’ve started a new project over the last week or so and it’s taking up a lot of my time. So have been drawn away from my blog. I haven’t forgotten you.

Truth is when I’m happy I don’t feel the need to blog. This is a place usually to vent or talk about what is troubling me.

Right now things are great ✌️Peace & Love


Found out this guy has had a partner now for nearly 6 years , yet he messages girls inappropriately. Would be a absolute shame if I was to inform her of that but hey. I will keep that too myself and instead cut him out.

I new I’d find out something eventually and now I have. Along with knowing about all the digging and stiring he’s been doing.

Not surprised really. Feel sorry for his misses. She seams really nice, got to be in her profession I suppose.

You see that’s the thing with devious people they have bad characters and the cracks show.

Imagine lying for example about having a job. I’m sure people do it… But any small lie shows that the person is capable of bigger lies. I just wish I had realised this a long time ago.


This week I’ve been feeling incredibly loved. I’ve had a real show of support from some amazing people. They have given me information that I can use and soon another person will have to learn that you can’t just treat people in the way they have.

Oh and Detective Pikachu was great & so where the drinks after … And the breakfast in the morning . Needed it 👊

Blame It On My Youth ….

I was so excited when I heard the news blink where going to drop a track today ✌️

It was all out of the blue. I mean yeah I new they where recording but then just bam! New song!

I would have preferred to listen to this for the first time with someone I love. I’m sure however they will listen or have already listened .

I did not enjoy blasting it out the car on my drive to Hartlepool today. Had a really good time reliving some stress with minimum effort.

So this track is great but doesn’t sound like blink really….however I thought that the first time I heard feeling this was a big step from take of your pants and jacket etc.

It’s catchy and it has a good summery feel to it. I’m already singing along .

Hopefully more singles will release within the month .

Get Lost.

I am still in love but I’m not hurting anymore. I am finding myself again. I am putting the right people first.

I’ve enjoyed my weekend away with the kids and a long weekend off work.

Today was the first time in ages where I just relaxed .

I’m in a really good place at the moment lots of things are coming together.

Can’t believe how many Google searches I get a day from the same IP …. Obsessive much ?