Advice for cowards.

Because the funny thing is. I have my shit together. Soon we will be showing cowards out to be more than just coward but as liers too.

You see I’ve been too busy taking this advice of late….

People are becoming laughable & ridiculous but then again they always have been. Imagine doing all of your nastyness in closed circles just for people to find out anyway. More than likely because other people also find cowards & liers laughable & right ridiculous.

It’s amazing what you can do when you are not being held back. I’m really looking forward to my holiday 😍 been no problem after the win I had . Glad I’m sharing my good fortune with the right people this time around.

Personally I stopped drinking energy drinks / coke over two months ago and the results speak for them selves. As well as walking 50km each week & the gym

Best thing I’ve done too is quite smoking. I really started doing a lot of smoking over the last 5 months however now I’ve stopped all together even thrown my last cigarette away.

Also I’ve steadily improving my stats / pay doing something awesome involving gaming too.

I’ve had some great luck playing Pokemon too 👌

Just awesome truly awesome.

2 thoughts on “Advice for cowards.”

  1. Really good, quitting smoking is a hell lotta deal man 👏🏻 Nice man. Hope you have a good life ahead. Stay focused and Pokemon go hah. All the best for it!


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