Getting Ready.

Decided to raise some money for charity. Haven’t been able to do that for a while . So glad my supporters on other platforms are helping me already with generous donations.

I am doing the million step challange for Diabetes UK !

Basically starting next month I will need to walk an avarage of 10,000 steps a day .

Its a really good cause and it’s something I feel like I can achieve with some hard work.

I wrote a blog on here years back about my sex life. It was a bit of a mess to read but it talked about my problems with ED ( erectile disfunction) . How it upset me and made me feel low. My partner at the time suggested that I could have had diabetes as it’s a symptom. I was very happy to find out that i did not have diabetes and it was more a reflection of how I felt in that relationship at the time. As I said in my blog it made me uncomfortable and do things I didn’t like doing … For example talking to people about having ED .

When I thought I might have had diabetes I did research into what it was like to have diabetes and how crippling it can be for others. I hope in some little way I can help.

If anyone would like to donate hear is the link Click Here To Donate

Thanks Guys ✌️

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