What A Weekend ….

Started with a random drive too…. Edinburgh !

I did some Pokemon & meet some cool people. Did a few 5 star raids and just explored had a few drinks then went back to my apartment.

I got myself all ready and took myself on a pub crawl around some really old and rough pubs.

This beer was like rocket fuel ! So after walking around tipsy .. I found myself at a bar called labowskies. Great themed bar all about the film. One of my favorites.

Of course those of you that no the film will understand why I had to have this….

A white Russian.

I took it outside and a woman told me that I should hide it because it wasn’t allowed 😂

We got talking and ended up tagging along to a jazz bar ! It was in a basement then band was amazing. Then I bailed … And realized I was lost and drunk .. so I just continued my pub crawl until I found a taxi . Got dropped off near the apartment grabbed some pizza and headed back.

The bed was so comfortable but maybe I needed it.

Then in the morning I drove home. I really enjoyed the drive there and back 3 hours each way. I’ve done so many random things like this I love it.

Then on Saturday it was my son’s 10th birthday 👌

He loved his main gift nearly bigger than him! Serious bit of kit.

And I knocked up some party food was themed everything on the table was food that he likes. So mainly sweet stuff 🙈

Then Sunday we went swimming , peddle boat & had some food out.

Great end to a great weekend.

The weekend really started with me wanting to run away. Forgot about what this time last year was like. To not have to think about the lies. I keep trying to remember the good times but it’s all clouded by bullshit.

However I’ve focused on the right people this weekend and I hope everyone else has had a great weekend .

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