See The Good.

I’m past seeing the good in certain people now. Or having any sort of sympathy.

They make the choice to lie and to minipulate.

Today I’m focusing on the good. I’m really looking forward to the charity work I’ve signed me and the boys up too.

We are doing a litter pick next month along the beach it’s going to be super fun and I’m a big hippy at heart so it’s great to give something back.

Also had another amazing weekend been away traveling with my mate and did a bar crawl around some amazing alternative bars ! Bar number 10 did us 😂 we where broken after that.

I woke up fresh however and had a little Pokemon hunt ….

And traveled back had enough time when I got back to have a walk and play some more pokemon and caught this beaut.

Been after one for a while didn’t manage during the event .

While exploring I was able to take some new photos too always loved photos that shine a light on something like fly tipping for example. Oh and photos with a story behind it.

Also the preparation for the holiday is underway and getting fully loaded with stuff to take to have fun with the kids.

Looks random I know. Just getting little bits together should be loads of fun .

And also had the news that my best mate is coming to visit me . He sent me this old picture of us in the post he had sharpened up as it’s sooooooo old 😂 to break the news to me . I’m so exited can’t wait too see him and have many geeky board nights and hangs.

So yeah focus on the good things and remember people….

But don’t let that stop you living.