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10 Positive Things

I was reading some of my follower’s blogs and had seen that one follower had seen this idea. So i decided to take part too.

– To write 10 positive things about you that has nothing to do with any of your mental health issues.

It seems like a very positive exercise and a hard one. I’ve been trying to think of ten until the early hours last night. At the moment I cannot see many positive things about myself so this has been a real challenge and I have had input from others.

  1. I’m a hard worker. I strongly believe in working up in life and thinking nothing is below you. Muck in basically.
  2. I am a Dad and I love it. We have a very close relationship and I hope it stays that way as the boys get older.
  3. I am a really sensitive person and very loving. This can cause negative things but it is also very positive.
  4. I am a big gamer. I’ve been gaming since I was 14 maybe younger. I game at least every couple of days.
  5. I have a best friend who is like a brother to me.
  6. I have lost over a stone in weight since January.
  7. I am training to run the Great North Run this year. It’s a half marathon. So far I’m running three miles 4/5 days a week so far. So getting there.
  8. I own 1000’s of comics and are still an avid reader. I have some very rare comics. I have also given some away to people who have really helped me threw things.
  9. I can play bass guitar and drums. I have been in loads of bands and love it.
  10. My idol is Mark Hoppus & Nicholas Brandon. Both very talented people and have warm, honest personalities.

This was very hard to write and post.