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100% Me this morning. However I still remained buzzing .

I enjoy my early nights nowerdays. I’m fine with sounding like an old man but it’s when i find my peace.

Getting to sleep used to be filled with anxiety but now it’s such a great routine and I’m asleep within minutes.



Has been the best. Sure it’s been a hard road to get where I am today but it’s been worth the fight.

This are moving and will be the way they should be.

Hope the words said today ring true. Are taken on board and acted upon.

The most important thing in my life will never be taken away from me. I am who I am and I care for the people that matter the most to me and I will always fight for them.

Nine – Blink 182 – Full Album Review.

So last night Blink 182’s new album Nine was leaked . Just happened to be nine days before the release date set for the album.

No matter how suspicious that is I couldn’t be happier with a unexpected injection of new blink 182 into my life.

Album comes and starts strong with “The first time”. All the instruments coming in with a punch that let me know off the batt . This is Blink 182. Leading to a quieter verse that is building with a tension that explodes into the first big chorus of the album.

We hear the full effect now of the true power of Mark & Skibas back and forth vocals.

Now in with those teasing hi-hat strokes from “Happy Days” I feel that this song was definitely an A & B of how to write catchy pop punk single and I can understand why it was released as such. It is a favorite of mine as you can’t help but get that chorus stucj in your head ” I wanna feel happy days!”

” Heaven” coming in with almost marks signature sound for this album. Electronic mixing in and out with his strong “Hoppus” sounding bass part walking us through the verse. Then we find out out of nowhere the explosive choruses are back and in full effect.

This one however feeling like they are lifting us out of the darkness of the verse lyrics but still carrying the same tone.

Now it’s time for the most fortnight song of the album… 🙄

However if you can get past the music video and the split it caused between fans. You wil realize that is is by a long shot the strongest single from Nine.

Now blame it on your youth definitely makes more sense when you have it in context of the album …


I am still if the opinion that this is the worst song blink have ever released. I’ve watched it live however and I do think it preforms live better but it’s still the weekest track on this album but wait….

Here comes generational Divide to remind me that they hear my criticism but are remining me they have to move forward in there music.

I get it.

“Run Away ” just speaks to so many I’m sure “Run away , Don’t let me run away” how many times have we just wanted to be like fuck it I’m off but part of you knows that you want more than anything for the one you care about to stop you.

The chorus is catchy it delivers once again such a strong vocal from skiba this guy is goin to need a lozenge live .

“Black rain” starts very very atmospheric what seams like church organs and Matt’s haunting vocals building but maintaining that haunting feeling. Then out of nowhere Mark comes in with a hard electronic pulse ad teases us with it beautifully. The song is beautiful. So many elements are thrown in ad used so well.

This song speaks to me . I’ve gone through somthing where these lyrics would have summed up exactly how I feel. If I’m honest it still strikes a cord with me as I listen. Really emotionally charged song and the bridge comes in just right and takes us back to lyrics that people would never want to admit. I love that.

“Pin The Granade” I’ve got to say there are a few lyrics that have been left stuck in my head after listing through Nine. And one comes straight from this chorus ” if you don’t love me , lie to my face”. Simple lyric but so effective.

” No Heart To Speak Of” … Can we all just take a minute actually .. 3 minutes & 40 seconds. To just appreciate how great Matt’s vocals have been through out. This truly is one of the best Blink 182 songs since utittled. It’s charged with emotion Matt’s vocals sore through out . ” Lying on the bathroom floor , hangging on the words you said before”

This is the anthem on this album for sure and definitely my favorite.

Sorry Tom. Not sorry.


Mark teases us here . He paints us a story of young Romance. Then Boom! In comes almost a nofx style song out of nowhere that fits so well and quickly changes the dinamics not just in the song but the story too.

Time for “On some emo shit” This song is so charged . Mark once again comes in and paints the scene for this song leading to some tension from Matt and his vocal delivery giving us another chorus to get stuck in our heads . ” She was standing on the edge , of a good time…” A great play on words the more I listen to this song the more it grows on me too.

“Hungover you” comes in nice and quiet and then it’s like the dread after a night out but it being compared to a realashinship and the break down. “Now I wake up and your nowhere , I’ve got my head hungover you” .

I think we have all been there when a realashinship has ended and the reality doesn’t sink in strait away . You have been with someone for so long and you can’t shake it . Your hungover from your time together.

“Remember to forget me” I wasn’t expecting a acoustic song on this album but here we are… And it delivers.

The song builds very dynamically adding layer and layer over the top until the song explodes.

Over all opinion – I truly feel that this is the “Blink ” the fans have been waiting for. I understand that when line ups change I cause a split amongst fans and also there is a massive learning curb for the band to work out “how does this fit together now”. I think they have done it on this album.

The chorus on most songs are explosive and catchy. The production is what you would expect from 2019 pop punk I feel it’s over done when it needs to be to serve the song. Most verses have a lot of electronic influence of today’s pop music with a bit of an edge and they are going for that sort of dynamic to enhance the chorus.

Overall this is a great album 15 back to back great songs. Best album in my opinion since utittled.

Let me know what you think in the comments. What’s your favorite song from the album ?


∆ Always been my approach as I feel like I’m sinking everyday sometimes & there is always a fight.

I’ve learnt however to embrace everything never say no. Trying new things all the time.

Some of the new things I’ve done this year….

* Been to a meet & great .

* Ran a race!

* Raised money for 3 charitys . Next one is coming up (24 hour one).

* Make money through twitch , have my own discord , insta , fb etc and moderaters .

* Played guitar & sang live at an acoustic night 🙈

* Been to the theater.

* Rode a rollercoaster 🙈 & didn’t throw up!

Doing random things like those ∆ has kept me going.

Its not easy when you think about the same thing everyday and wish that things were different. You challange yourself over everything but at the same time your still fighting.

Keep going if you can then I can.


There are a lot of things in my life that I hope are not permanent I think that is a massive understatement.

I am looking forward to my break just got to get through the next 4 days.

Looking forward to hanging with a special someone on Tuesday night too.

I’m also very excited to see my best mate again in a week or so ! It’s been too long .

I can’t believe a year ago today I was sitting down as a family to watch a film and have take away . Seams like a Absolute life time ago a split universe from where I am right now.