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Improvement ….

So happy to spring this on the boys tonight ! I’ve put a lot of work into it especially today to get it all finished in time.

A real big boys room ! Complete with fortnight bedsheets ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Putting there things on the display has made me realize how much cool stuff they have and I am definitely jealous! That’s for sure .

What an awesome day!

Crazy : Part 2

After the last blog titled crazy where I talked about how people have tried to use my blog against me I thought I can’t let it stop me blogging so…..

Someone made a massive difference in my life and everyday they are on my mind.

I have moments that mean something to me but mean little sharing it with no one.

I have dreams where I wake up near someone i love for that to come tearing down when I wake up.

My thoughts are always drawn there it’s inescapable.

I love . I hurt.


What a fun day yesterday was ! I connected with someone who I shouldn’t have become distant with but pressures from someone I cared about caused it.

Now it feel like we are supporting eachother again and that is awesome.

It ment however that for this month’s community day I was knackered .

I got 11 shinys cane away with this beast….

I walked around with about 10 of my closest friends and we laughed and talked all the way round . It’s become becoming again one of my favourite events.

No one can stop me enjoying it.

Im sure it was someone’s favourite or one of there favourite Pokรฉmon , hope they got some.

So it’s Sunday and it’s freezing lucky I’ve been house sitting with possibly of moving in with the boys once my mate goes traveling. You can really crank up the heating it’s like a little sweat box ๐Ÿ˜‚

But it’s making me think twice about doing something today ๐Ÿค”

Was going to go for a walk but might be too cold for the boys. Ooooo maybe the pictures instead !

No Way…..

It’s community day! I will be in mobray park as always running around like a tit.

Last com day was soooo good. I laughed all the way round and was with loads of people a propa huddle.

Didn’t get much sleep last night but gonna have a relaxing day. Glad the times have changed .