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Do You Need Help ?

Today while surfing threw my Facebook feed I came across a motivational poster. Now usually I think they’re pretty lame and I skim past them. This one however got my attention and got me thinking.


Seams simple right. Wrong.
The first thing I thought was. “Conan sense right?” But actually to some it isn’t .I mean not everyone would feel comfortable intervening between someone who was being subjected to violence for example. Fearful of their safety and I’m sure on some level we understand that fear.
How about if you had seen someone post a Facebook status that was a cry for help, for someone to talk to? Or would we just think it was a cry for attention?
Now when I want help I can be afraid to ask for help. Proud, think I’d be bothering people. I also worry that they think it’s for attention.

Strange how a simple poster can stir up so much thought. I suppose I could spend all night writing with my horrid spelling and grammar all about it.
Instead why don’t you tell me what this poster stirs up in you?
Let me know in the comments section bellow.