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Therapy & Writing – Part 1


Therapy & Writing Group

In this blog I just want to expand on some of the exercises that I have taken part in. This is all my own work.

It can be painful to share as some who reads it can be very negative however in life you have to be able to be honest and accept criticism.

Okay so today there were several objects placed in front of us. We were asked to pick an object, handle it and write about what the object meant to us.

I picked a car made from Lego. This is what I wrote.

My two boys love Lego! Every parent knows the nightmare it can be. Lego is better known by parents as a test of our patience.

Now my two boys have very different ideas of how to complete their lego.Evan (my youngest) believes he is just there to watch his dad put the Lego together. Aiden on the other hand wants to do it himself but believes the instructions are optional.

Now it can be very hard to build two separate pieces at the same time. Here is my method. Firstly look at the box and except that it may turn out completely different. Secondly organize your Lego in to matching piles. I kid myself that this will make it quicker. Now begin to build.

Once you have begun your build the madness begins too! If you’re a cluts like me then you’re going to drop the smallest piece you get your hands on.

Now we have wrote down some goals we would like to achieve within a year. We were asked to look at what we had written and explain a connection.

The goal that I think is linked is “look at things with logic”

The reason I’ve picked that is like when my mind is arguing with itself is a lot like the boys having two ways of doing things. I tend to be able to manage other people and find a medium and I suppose I would like to be able to learn how to mediate myself.

This session has left me with a lot to think about.

Feel free to comment with your experiences, advice and you perspective.

I mention once again that this is hard to share but just like the group therapy I attend I would like to get an open dialogue going. Find out how others cope.