This is a great quote.

To me time always seams long drawn out but just passing by.

Is that a existence …I’d say no. Well what better time than now to change things !



How To Think 

You know I seen this and I couldn’t have agreed more. Now I’m starting to write… actually fuck that .. I no how to think … THINK POSITIVE!

Just not easy is it . I can have a train of possitive thoughts and goals and then boom…

This crops up more so as I try to sleep. I have got myself into quite a possitive routine at the moment however. I suppose part is linked to lonlyeness.

Before I sleep I like to post a blog and edit a photo for my instergram.

I like waking up in the morning to notifications . Sad right. Makes me feel loved.

And then I switch my notification sounds off and shove on a Karl Pilkington pod cast and lie down like this untill my brain switches off.


I suppose right now I’m quite numb but pained. Strange sentence right. 

I was lonley and not ready to get into a relationship for whatever reason I’ve tried. Just can’t find it. So I’ve been filling my life up to the brim. Extra time with my kids , going to the gym , doing my photography and catching up with friends.

I do have hope though. I am going to list what I hope for . Maybe one day I will look back on it and I will have some off these things.

* To feel healthy 

* To fall in love

* To make more friends

* Be financially stable

Maybe some goals and things I hope for are easier to achieve than others. Let’s see what the future brings.

Fitness Time – Part 2 –  Weightloss Results & Goals.

So far I have lost 4 pounds in about 5 days . Usually taking the weightloss pills twice a day with meals.

I have also exercised 3 times 

I am happy with the results as I do not want weight dropping to quick.

I have been looking at some old pictures after my last successful diet.

(Feel free to find me on Instagram)

Man I no I will have taken that with a good angle but I look skinny compared to what I am like now. This is something to aim for . I’ve done it before and I can do it again.

I’ve also been doing some research apparently I need to try and do my cardio workout early in the morning before I have eaten. This way when I achieve my target heart rate I will burn fat directly instead of the foods eaten first. 

I will have to work out when to take the pills as it’s to be taken with food. Will try taking after gym and see how this all works out.
If you have any tips feel free to drop a comment ✌️

Fitness Time – Part One.

So I forgot to mention in the last blog I also weighed myself the results….

There’s two horrible things here… My feet & my weight . Unfortunately there is only one thing I can change….my weight.

So today is my second bash at the gym although the top of my legs are hurting I had the urge to just get back at it.. why not yeah?

Just take it easy I thought.

So decided to start my intivel training again and begin with a easy one with my legs already hurting.

Half way in I started to get very cocky and began to push …

I gumped it went as fast as I could forgetting it was my short run and I only had less then 60 seconds to cool down… So I entered stitch city. Just in time for my final 3minute run.

I pushed myself to my fastest and heled it for the three minutes couldn’t believe it !

I was however done in ! 

Now time to go home for a weigh in …will anything have changed…prob not 😂👌

Fitness Time…

So I’ve done a few fitness diarys on here and guess what…here’s another.

I suppose when I look at myself all I see is a over weight not as young looking as I feel sack of shit.

Harsh but true. I suppose all that’s left for me to do is change that myself.

Last time I had a successful weightloss was using weight burners to assist.

This time I am using this one . It is to be taken up to three times a day with food. I am taking it just twice daily and trying to add exercise aswell.

Is this cheating probably… 

So I went to the gym after work.

I couldn’t believe that I managed to run 5K at my first session back. I suppose I can always say I have good stamana and thats probably from drumming.