50+ Posts , 100’s Likes , 100’s Comments & Thousands Of Views ! Thank You !

Well I hit a mile stone of 50 Blogs yesterday got to say it’s down to my subscriber’s and those who interact with my blogs.
It’s insane to see all the different locations around the world were people are taking their time to read one of my blogs.
It’s touching I really do love it.
Those of you that subscribe will no I do variety of blogs . The ones I enjoy doing the most is about mental health. It’s nice to vent and connect with people who may have gone threw something similar.

So I ask . Do you blog ? If so what about ? L et me no in the comment section and I will be sure to check your blog.

Thank you once again.





For me both of these posters are somewhat linked. The thing is I’ve had to do a lot of looking inwards and realized I do not like the person I became.
I can say it’s because of this and that but ultimately it was all down to me.
All I can do now is rebuild myself from the ground up. I’m doing it, it’s hard .

So I carried a lot of baggage . What I’ve found after talking to others that I’m not weird other people have gone threw the same in some cases a lot worse.

So I ask you share with us in the comments some baggage that you have discarded.

For me I pretty much discarded myself. Like the final poster says if you don’t or can’t accept your actions you will never move on.

Follow Your Heart .


This is a hard one for most of us that are anxious. Nothing ventured nothing gained sort of approach. In my life I’ve had a fair few cock ups and spent time with people who were a negitive influence on me. The thing is no matter how I feel after the hurt I remind myself that it all made me who I am today. So embrace life and give it a shot who knows you might have fun on the journey.

Therapy & Writing – Part 2

Some who have read my blogs before will no that I attend  group therapy & Creative writing each week. When I find a exercise really helpful I like to share and ask others to take part as well.

So this week’s exercise was to write about a place that means something to you. It could be a real place or a place from your imagination. This is what I wrote.

Walking down a back lane and everything is guarded with sharp fences . Harry’s place it’s self has bars over the door and a pad lock as big as your fist . Once opened you are greated with wooden stairs that creak as you walk up them.
When you reach the top I usually go right to the smoking room. Wouldn’t be band practice without a cigarette . Usually I have hidden my cymbals somewhere in this room so once I’ve located them and put out my cigarette it’s of to the practice room.
So back past the creaky stairs and into the first room to my right.
Once in their you can smell it. The smell of live music. Unfortunately that smells mainly of sweat,cigarette smoke and alcohol mixed together.
The walls are black and have cloth hanging as sound proofing .
The drums stand high on a rise , usually in pieces. That however is were the fun starts . Putting it together the way I like.
So the microphone check is done.The sound levels are done.
Time To play!

Hope you enjoyed reading my quick bit of writing from therapy.
So why not let us no were your favourite place is in the comments and why ?