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Weekend !

Friday night started with a few drinks 🙈 just what I needed after feeling ill for so long.

Remember where I parked 😂

Then on Saturday I went to our Pokémon Go community day. It’s the first time I’ve been kid free and able to go.

I will be there at everyone that has been confirmed so far.

First I meet up with people and had breakfast and hair of the dog 👌 I was a little rough from the night before.

While walking with someone we noticed a 100% IV one and when I clicked on it….

It was shiny !!!! A legit 100% shiny .

The whole day was such a laugh. Everyone was in great spirits and we couldn’t have had a better time.

Then was time to pick up the kids ♥️

We did some homework & some gaming .

Then on Sunday we had a Ex raid ….

My Pokémon luck continued!!!!

I visited my gran and the boys and I did some cooking .

Now Aiden & I are chilling watching some buffy 👌 To finish off our weekend .



Mental Health Awareness Day.


It’s never been easy to fully explain what’s been going on in my head. Especially when there a judgemental people out there.

I’ve been open with a lot of people over the last year’s about how my anxiety affects me . I’ve talked on here about the different therapys I have taken part in one of witch lead me to writing this blog.

Now people will try and talk you down. Try and diagnos you themselves. If you don’t suffer as much as they think they do then you should just “get over it”.

You see that’s the thing. Mental health effects people in different ways . Some of us are more self aware and are proactive taking steps to cope and live a “normal” life.

These steps I post as I’ve tried to follow them for ask long as I can remember.

1.Talk about your feelings.

At the start I found it very difficult to express myself and explain what I was going through. I didn’t like the judgment and that’s why I started this blog. At least I was able to vent my frustrations and express my true feeings.

2.keep Active.

Now this one is massive for me and something I can be to focused on. Partners & friends would want to sit around the house and chill. This drives me crazy when I no I’m having a bad day. I need to be out I need to be doing something.

Also the gym and exercise is great as it realiases endorfens that make the brain tell you “well done” and at least for a little while you will feel good.

3.Eat Well.

Its so easy when you are low to let this slide. You ain’t got the energy to cook so you snack or you ring up a take away.

Ive always enjoyed cooking and sometimes i have to push myself. I find I enjoy it more cooking for loved ones. It gives me more motervation.

4. Drink Sensibility.

This one is major , because usually the hangover is the worst. It’s not just a hangover as we know it but it is an emotional one too. Alcohol also has a was of bringing up your demons to the serfice too.

5. Keep in touch.

Ive got to say I’m really bad at this when I am low. As my friends say ” he’s gone off raidar” it is important to let people know you okay or that your not okay but you will be. If that makes sense ?

6. Ask for help.

This is a Biggie and I suppose it’s linked with step 1. It’s okay to ask for help . It’s okay to be honest with yourself.

7. Take a break .

Man I did this last night. It felt great. I just go in from work wrapped myself up with snacks and blankets and binge watched a show. I’ve been ill now for a while after the bi-opsi and quite tired so resting was important.

8. Care for others.

My kids mean the world too me. I would do anything for them. They keep me fighting because I see how everything could and has effected them. When I’ve been at my lowest point when I’ve been over that edge the one thing that stops me falling is them. I don’t understand people with children who could go over that edge. It’s selfish . However that’s my opinion and until you have lived in someone else’s shoes you can’t understand there motive.

9. Do something your good at.

I spent a lot of time trying to convince people I cared about who struggled to do something like that. “Do some drawings there awesome , you could sell them” . I didnt take any time for me though.music is mssive for me playing it especially and I was shut away from it for so long. I’m glad I’m back to playing .

10. Accept who you are.

Ive done this along time. I’ve also accepted that it may be who I am today but I could be smomeone completely different tomorrow. In a good way . Grow and not be stuck.


Last year was a very lonely & uneventful birthday for me.

I didn’t even get a card from the person who was supposed to care about me.

Instead I spent the time planing a suprise . What a waste.

This year however I have my family all under one roof . We’ve had a good day and we will again tomorrow.

Im so greatful for everything and everyone that has been in my life . I’ve had some truly amazing moments & memories. I’ve learnt some harsh lessons too.

Im proud of so many people too people I will always care about who are showing strength and achieving so much.

Keep it up.

Lies & Bullshit

Honestly how low people would go is beyond me. Actually when I think about it I shouldn’t be surprised. Anything for attention.

The fact bullies hang out with bullies too is definitely not a surprise.

None of this bothered me one bit .

I had an amazing night. Was great to talk to nicky and him instantly striking the pose from last time .

And I didn’t have to sneak out this time either I was invited.

Was great to see all the friends I had made last time and to be remembered by others too.

Honestly I am buzzing. Was out with Nicky till about 12 Evan sung kareoke with him and a friend.

Something I never thought I would do.

This year however has been about not being held back and just going for things.

I can’t wait for the next community day too! Will be the first one for a long time I will be kid free and I intend to get amongst the community and have an awesome day.

I am….buzzing.