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See The Good.

I’m past seeing the good in certain people now. Or having any sort of sympathy.

They make the choice to lie and to minipulate.

Today I’m focusing on the good. I’m really looking forward to the charity work I’ve signed me and the boys up too.

We are doing a litter pick next month along the beach it’s going to be super fun and I’m a big hippy at heart so it’s great to give something back.

Also had another amazing weekend been away traveling with my mate and did a bar crawl around some amazing alternative bars ! Bar number 10 did us 😂 we where broken after that.

I woke up fresh however and had a little Pokemon hunt ….

And traveled back had enough time when I got back to have a walk and play some more pokemon and caught this beaut.

Been after one for a while didn’t manage during the event .

While exploring I was able to take some new photos too always loved photos that shine a light on something like fly tipping for example. Oh and photos with a story behind it.

Also the preparation for the holiday is underway and getting fully loaded with stuff to take to have fun with the kids.

Looks random I know. Just getting little bits together should be loads of fun .

And also had the news that my best mate is coming to visit me . He sent me this old picture of us in the post he had sharpened up as it’s sooooooo old 😂 to break the news to me . I’m so exited can’t wait too see him and have many geeky board nights and hangs.

So yeah focus on the good things and remember people….

But don’t let that stop you living.



Heart brake is seeing someone exited to see you and shout your name over & over . Not being able to do anything but walk away.

After months and months still knowing who I am and exited to see me. Showing what she knows of me and who I am as a person.


Today’s been tough , but had some good news too.

Getting Ready.

Decided to raise some money for charity. Haven’t been able to do that for a while . So glad my supporters on other platforms are helping me already with generous donations.

I am doing the million step challange for Diabetes UK !

Basically starting next month I will need to walk an avarage of 10,000 steps a day .

Its a really good cause and it’s something I feel like I can achieve with some hard work.

I wrote a blog on here years back about my sex life. It was a bit of a mess to read but it talked about my problems with ED ( erectile disfunction) . How it upset me and made me feel low. My partner at the time suggested that I could have had diabetes as it’s a symptom. I was very happy to find out that i did not have diabetes and it was more a reflection of how I felt in that relationship at the time. As I said in my blog it made me uncomfortable and do things I didn’t like doing … For example talking to people about having ED .

When I thought I might have had diabetes I did research into what it was like to have diabetes and how crippling it can be for others. I hope in some little way I can help.

If anyone would like to donate hear is the link Click Here To Donate

Thanks Guys ✌️

Advice for cowards.

Because the funny thing is. I have my shit together. Soon we will be showing cowards out to be more than just coward but as liers too.

You see I’ve been too busy taking this advice of late….

People are becoming laughable & ridiculous but then again they always have been. Imagine doing all of your nastyness in closed circles just for people to find out anyway. More than likely because other people also find cowards & liers laughable & right ridiculous.

It’s amazing what you can do when you are not being held back. I’m really looking forward to my holiday 😍 been no problem after the win I had . Glad I’m sharing my good fortune with the right people this time around.

Personally I stopped drinking energy drinks / coke over two months ago and the results speak for them selves. As well as walking 50km each week & the gym

Best thing I’ve done too is quite smoking. I really started doing a lot of smoking over the last 5 months however now I’ve stopped all together even thrown my last cigarette away.

Also I’ve steadily improving my stats / pay doing something awesome involving gaming too.

I’ve had some great luck playing Pokemon too 👌

Just awesome truly awesome.


I Absolutely love John. It’s been a while but I’m well underway with this Rewatch . At season 3 now and I feel so sad knowing what happens to his character.

The way he is broken down and becomes the bad guy. Following ,harassing & killing.

You discover he is The real monster all along its heartbreaking.

The person you knew died and was replaced with something worse than horrible.

I’ve started a new project over the last week or so and it’s taking up a lot of my time. So have been drawn away from my blog. I haven’t forgotten you.

Truth is when I’m happy I don’t feel the need to blog. This is a place usually to vent or talk about what is troubling me.

Right now things are great ✌️Peace & Love


Found out this guy has had a partner now for nearly 6 years , yet he messages girls inappropriately. Would be a absolute shame if I was to inform her of that but hey. I will keep that too myself and instead cut him out.

I new I’d find out something eventually and now I have. Along with knowing about all the digging and stiring he’s been doing.

Not surprised really. Feel sorry for his misses. She seams really nice, got to be in her profession I suppose.

You see that’s the thing with devious people they have bad characters and the cracks show.

Imagine lying for example about having a job. I’m sure people do it… But any small lie shows that the person is capable of bigger lies. I just wish I had realised this a long time ago.


This week I’ve been feeling incredibly loved. I’ve had a real show of support from some amazing people. They have given me information that I can use and soon another person will have to learn that you can’t just treat people in the way they have.

Oh and Detective Pikachu was great & so where the drinks after … And the breakfast in the morning . Needed it 👊