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Zombie Plan.

Some things for you to think threw if the dead begin walking amongst us all.


Your going to need a good friend!

Think about it there is a limit to what you can do on your own. You will need someone who can get your back. Someone who is resourceful and trust worthy. After all you are going to have to share your zombie plan with them.
It’s best if it’s a friend you have now as you should not them pretty well. Just remember those things about them that iterate you sometimes may be a problem as you stick together 24/7.

Your going to have to tool up.


You have to accept that at some point you will have to fight. It really will turn into survival of the fitest.
So tool up strait away. Unless your prepared and already own weapons your going to need to get some. Now you can make a lot of good weapons from house hold objects. I would not attempt a raid at a weapons shop as that will be a massive target for others and you may be caught in the gun fire. Instead get yourself to a hardware shop if safe.


Your going to need a base.


Your going to have to think very carefully about were you are going to call home during the zombie apocalypse.
It’s going to have to secure against the zombies as well any human threats . If you are there long turn you should be thinking about possible farming and food storage . Of cause always have a escape plan from your base don’t get cocky.

Supplies , hey ur heard food is important.


Your going to have to gather supplies quite early into the outbreak. It is essential. Remember to think long term . Tined items with big expiration dates. You should also be thinking about farming and ways to grown and maintain your supplies.


Why I love Xander Harris

I warn you there will be spoilers in this article. If you still have not seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer in its entirety by now. Have a serious word with yourself and get on Netflix.


For those who do not know who Xander Harris is here is a quick summery.

“Alexander Lavelle “Xander” Harris is a fictional character created for the action-horror/fantasy television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003). He was developed by Joss Whedon and portrayed throughout the television series by Nicholas Brendon and in two episodes by his twin brother, Kelly Donovan. He was conceived as an everyman and a male character for series heroine Buffy Summers  to interact with, and to provide comic relief in the series. Xander is one of several friends of Buffy who assist her in saving the world against numerous supernatural events that plague Sunnydale, California, a town built over a doorway to hell.”


I suppose this picture sums it up brilliantly, Xander has no super strength. No super powers but what he has is heart. He might be afraid but he will always step in to try to protect his friends.This usually means that he ends up hurt and the worst of in a fight.

Xander falls in love with Buffy early on and is protective over her and Willow


He also brings a lot of the humour to Buffy. Something that is well needed after some of the dark things that the gang get involved in.


He even can point fun at himself were others may no.


I suppose what I have learned from Xander is that anyone can be a good person and a god friend. It takes courage however and it’s not always easy. That sometimes you can’t take on your own demons yourself and you need to be able to accept help from others. Also humor is a great defense for you and your friends but you must balance that out with being able to talk without jokes and importantly listen.

10 People You Would Not Want To Be Stuck With In A Zombie Apocalypse.

So the end of days are here. Zombies are everywhere , You survived. unfortunately if your alive there will be others.

1.  Door To Door Salesman.


There usually weedy have no self confidence and would make for bad company. You and him against the world. I don’t think so.

2. Politician.


Lets face it your never going to trust them and you will never no there end goal until they want you too. They will probably start canvassing for voters amongst the zombies.

 3.Guys Who Do Cosplay.


Lets face it there going to slip on there wonder woman suit and try and grab those zombies with there lasso of truth. In all seriousness there going to want to get stuck in there and that will get you all killed.

4. Stoners.


 Its going to be great hanging with your green friend . unfortunately though when the zombies break threw the back door your friend is going to have the reactions of a snail. Meaning game over for you both.


article-1345980-0CB59A3C000005DC-683_634x464 (1)

You might think the sporty collage guy is going to be useful and he probably will be for a short time. The problem is you will have to put up with his ego for as long as he is breathing. don’t expect any deep thinking or any good conversation.

6. Emo’s


You don’t want to be stuck listing to self loathing and pity all day and every night. Plus you can guarantee that they will attract a zombie horde whilst doing there best emo scream along to there favourite my chemical romance song.



Lets face it in the apocalypse there is no time for snobbery.Imagine this.You have spent all day tracing , catching and cooking a squirl and this guy turns his nose up.The real question then is who will get him first you or the zombies.



When there was a human population they stayed away from them.Now that population is trying to eat them. That’s got to mess there head up.There is going to be lots of awkward silences as you try and get some conversation going around the camp fire.



Unfortunately there is not much time for peace and love in the zombie apocalypse.



You will defiantly be talked into a  supply run for make up just to try and stop the winging.However as this becomes a regular problem you might end up volunteering to help feed the zombies.

Do You Agree With This List ? Can You Think Of Others That We Missed Feel Free To Let Us Know In The Comment Section Bellow.