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Hey Depression , Why You So Sad …You Prick !

Sometimes I have days were everything kinda sucks. My anxiety has created negative sinarios and when I struggle to see the good I get clouded in by depressions bull shit.

I forget I’m loved.

Anxiety creates depression for me because I’m always thinking about the worst case and for me that is not being loved.

Sometimes I can feel like that for hours or days but when I come out of the haze and realise that I am in fact loved that I don’t need to beat myself up. Hell I feel stupid but because of what I’ve gone through mentality it makes me massively greatfull for the happy times .

So fuck you depressive thoughts.

Fortunately I don’t feel like I am owned by these thoughts. I feel really sorry for those that do . I only get snipits.

If your reading this and you do. Remember you are loved you are important and things will ultimately get better .



Guess what I love???… You. Thanks for reading.

Now today I got caught up in a lot of hate and arguments and I was as bad as the people I was mad at.

So let’s talked about something I love and you share something you love in the comment section.

I love music. I love the variaty and I love how it brings people together. How it can make you feel and how one song can touch people in different ways.

2 Year Blog Anniversary ! How & Why I Started ….

So two years ago my life was falling apart….Well at least that’s how it felt.

I had been in a relationship for over three years and in the end it imploded. Mainly because both of us had fell out of love with each other.

It caused tit for tat arguments and more survere ones too. The good days however made you convince yourself the rest of the shit was worth it.

In reality it isn’t.

This caused me to go into the worst spiral of anxity ups and downs I have ever had.

Luckley for me I had a very supportive friend who’s house moreorless became mine for about a month maybe more.

I will always be great full for that.

( Me on the left , Alex my friend on the right )

I was pretty down and ended up in one on one counciling again.

This time it was suggested that I joined a writing therapy group.

It was run buy a lovely lady and the group was all lady’s . 

Each week we did various exercises writing about our issues and talking about what we had written to the group . 

Then I had a idea …

I started to write a blog. I used quotes that I thought ment something to me and wrote about what feelings it brought up.

And on days I couldn’t bring myself to write about that I wrote about anything. Made my own funny lists , reviewed music , talked about films whatever got my mind of my anxiety.

Then the most amazing thing happened….

You guys started following , commenting and liking in the hundreds. I didn’t feel alone e anymore. Reading like-minded blogs reafermed this .

So that’s how it began. Want to no more ? A summary of the rest of the two years ? Let me no in the comment section and I may do it with enough requests.

Peace and love ✌️


Love Heals.

Wow … I’ve rewritten this twice. I have two strong contrasting opinions on this.

Opinion 1.

Love and partnership can bring you so much happiness. You can learn so much more about yourself and others can open you up to experiences that you wouldn’t undertake on your own.

Opinion 2.

Love can fill a void and be forced . Love is not the way to ignore problems within yourself. Once you feel strong on your own your probably not going to still need that partnership. Or comphet blanket. This leads to people getting hurt.
So witch opinion do you agree more with ? Let me no and why in the comment section.