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This it so true right now.

I feel lonely a lot of the time at the moment and it’s something I’ve always stressed about. 

I’m 30 I have two kids and I want to share my life with someone. I had horrible break ups . I don’t no if I’ve got the strength to try again and if I do I’m not meeting anyone any time soon.

I seam to be stuck in a cycle at the moment. I can almost feel my anxiety bubbling under the surface ready to explode . 

I am for the most part controling it.

Work has been rough recently too lots of changes and things just generally going tits up.
I look forward to my sleep. Listing to my podcasts as I drift off….


Training Diary Part 3 – Fitness & Work.

Threw the last 4 months or so I had been training while unemployed. That definitely made it a lot easier as I could go to the gym at any time and at times when it wasn’t crowded too.

I have now been working for about a month and my training has dropped slightly however I am very active daily .

I work now in a busy kitchen and am on my feet 6/8 hours a day and running food too.

I also now cycle to work.

Here is a map from the app I use called Map My Ride.


So I do this twice a day five times a week . I used to work close buy and do the same trip as you can see since using the app I’ve rode a lot.



I love riding now after doing lots of running I am finding it a lot easier and completing my ride In 50min or less .