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Prefect Moment.

Today I Had A Perfect Moment And I Captured It .

This this right here is love in a photo.

At that moment I felt like I was on another planet just me and her and all my anxietys and bullshit just melted away.

Can’t wait to have more of these ❤️

Not You Again!

I can tell at the moment my anxiety is peeking. It’s been a long time since it bothered me so I guess I had it coming.


It’s a strange one because I feel very clear in the respect that the way I feel is because of anxiety.
Usually I lose this reality and slip into becoming totally irrational .

So What is bothering me…..


It’s true just general life. Things I deal with every day.
Well this blog has always been a release so I’m going to write about the things that bother me daily.


Let’s start with what I believe caused a lot of my self esteem issues. It’s cliche but….


I have a few. Not this is not all on them.
In my last relationship I was often told I should lose weight , get my hair cut in a certain way and dress sometimes how they wanted.
At the time I never took this as more than advice .
I was loved up and always thought I was the lucky one. How did I land her?
It was a ticking time bomb. I didn’t feel good about myself and it lead me to do the worst thing I’d ever done.
I’m not proud.

It was good that it ended. I see that now. However we spent 3 years together and the majority of those times were good.

A year on and I’m still single.

Now I’ve dated hell I’ve had sex . Unfortunately I’ve just never felt a connection and sometimes that is just down to me and my feelings about myself.


And then there’s work.

Now for the majority of the time I love my job. I get on with everybody at work and usually laugh all the way threw my shifts.

The thing is my boss is just ever so slightly ocd . In my job on some shifts I am expected to clean a kitchen to a high standard.
I want to nail it obviously but sometimes I have had to have that sit in the office. “You’ve missed this and that…” .
I used to be stronger with dealing with this sort of stuff. now though when I leave the kitchen after its cleaned I struggle to settle. That’s when my mind runs away with its self. “Did I do this? Did I do that? What’s he going to say?will I lose my job?”

So those are two big ones for me at the moment . Was great to get that off my chest.

Any advice drop it in the comment section or if you just want to vent do that to.

The Perils Of Online Dating

So yeah been single a while now so thought I’d give online dating ago . It sucks. Ha.
Now allow me to rant about it.


Let’s face it we all put our best picture up. I agree you’d be stupid not to. Lady’s you need to be more confident . I no that ain’t easy but 6 pictures of ure face at different angles ain’t going to cut it. We kinda want to see the hole deal. Would we look twice passing you in the street?

Dick Pictures ?

Now I get it lady’s there are places to go to sauce a good look at a dick. Dating sites are not one of them.

However think about this …

You got any pictures like this on ure site …


And then your asking for “no dick pics I’m not that kinda girl.” Good luck because dim witted blocks thinking with there dick…well that will be the first idea on seeing this. Just saying.

Now Tinder … Or talk to botts dating app.

I’ve given up on tinder as it is littered with spam. Oh I have a match oh hang on.
As soon as we match I’m hit with a spam message asking ” do I want to have sex with strangers ?” Nope…. Not today.

Read my profile first !
Here’s the thing… I do. Bit Woop . At first I started messaging each person based on something said on there profile. That became extremely exhausting as after that you would get…a “yeah cool ” from the person who wanted you to take time send them a message that means something… Brill.
Or you can have someone who doesn’t understand how a conversation moves forward.


Starts with a question. You answer and ask a question right ? Right it’s not heard.

Anyway rant blog over ha.
So what are your experiences with the world of online dating ? Let me no in the comment section.