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Nightmare… Actually I Loved It.

You ever had a good dream woke up and thought god daym I was enjoying that. We’ll that happened last night I have three vivid dreams that I woke up from I can only remember one.

Zombie apocalypse !!

I was running down a street being chased by some of the undead however they were quite a distance from me. There was another guy running with me but I didn’t know him.

I could see I hiding spot behind a old wall ….

No idea what it was doing in a city.

I was hoping the other guy would keep running and draw the zombies away from me. He instead joined me ..that’s when I turned into a dick.

I told him “stay here I will get help” jumped out from the wall and through a stone against it making noise so zombies were attracted to him and I got away while they got him…

From there I went into a house through a metal garage . It was full of weapons . I was over whelmed and didn’t no witch one to pick. Then I heard a dog barking .

Went into the rest of the house to see a dog chained up in the living room barking. I went back into the garage to get something to cut his chain.
It was atractting lots of zombies so I was going to let him outside to give them a run and destract once again from me. This time though the dog just walked through them as  they headed to me…….
Anyway there was quite a bit more to that dream but I’m getting tired and hoping I have a good dream again tonight.


Do I Want Her Back?

It’s strange right. I’m feeling pretty lonley at the moment and I feel like my clock is ticking.

Last night I had a dream that a reunited with my Ex and we ended up getting back together.

This had a strange effect on me.

First I woke up content and happy. In the end of the dream we had been cuddled in bed the usual my being the big spoon for a while then turning over . Usually threw the night I would wake up and go back to being the big spoon. I did this in this dream and she was gone. Then I woke up.

All day this has been in the back of my mind. 

Does this mean I haven’t gotten over her ? Or is it that I’m feeling lonley? 

Meh another puzzle another day ✌️

Dream Interpretation.

So they say there are meanings in dreams. So here’s my crazy dream from last night.

I don’t no how but grant (a friend) someone else (who I can’t remember) and I had climbed a large bridge. I don’t remember the climb we were just up there.
The person in my dream who I can’t remember dangled themself by there feet (using the feet only to hold them ) then they pulled themself up and said it was a rush. Grant then decided to do the same.
Unfortunately grant fell and we went down to help him. When he hit the floor there was a massive snap sound. The other person tried to move him exposing that his organs were coming out his back. I said “don’t move him.” The next thing I remember is that grant had died and I had to inform his parents but I could not bring myself to do it on several occasions.

So can you make sense of this dream? Have you had a similar dream? Let me no in the comment section.