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Never Stop.

I stopped for a while but now that time is truly over I look to the future and I’m constantly planing.

I lay hear dreaming of my future and what it could be. I’ve accepted I wont have the future I always wanted but it doesn’t mean that my future will be bleak.

I woke up screaming a name this morning it was very strange I was calling out in frustration.

Wish I would always be able to remember my dreams because I wont get a chance to live them all.


I remember when you would wake me gently and id have a moment of confusion wondering where I was… of course id passed out on the couch as we watched something.

The first time I did it you woke me so that we could go to bed together. I was so happy that she didn’t leave me asleep as she went upstairs. You said something like “course not we should be going to bed together“.

I passed out on a couch tonight but woke up alone. Lights off no one to be seen.

I had dreamed you were trying to wake me and when I woke up for real. I realised I was alone.

Dam You Dreams…

I woke up this morning looked at my phone it was 3:30am . Thought better be quite or I will wake her. Then realised where I was.

Shrugged it off …..

Thought “Must have been dreaming again , thank god I cant remember”. Then went back to sleep and started to dream all over again…

We were together and it was quite sexual but the focus in the dream was not the sex. It was the part after her asking me together her water after like so many times. Me sneaking to get it trying not to wake the kids. Then returning with a drink and cuddling until we fell asleep.

The dream has played on my mind all morning because I really haven’t given her Much thought for some time now . Always in the back of my head but haven’t been dwelling on anything.

So now I write in an attempt to leave my thoughts about It here and move on.

Fun Dream….

Having pretty vivid dreams at the moment probably due to the tablets that I’m on but they have been good dreams so I hope for another one tonight ….

So in this dream we decided to look at the outside of a house we had seen for rent.

For some reason we tried the door and to our surprise it was open!

We went in and began to realise that the house was completely empty and abandoned but it was a nice house and once the door was locked and we were together ,we were safe to be together.

We began kissing passionately and I will leave it there for that bit.

After we had explored every room in the house and we were lying together amongst a old looking blanket on the bathroom floor we joked and remembered the time we had done the same before with her sitting on the sink and how passionate it was.

Then months seamed to go buy , then years.

And as we were returning back to the house she put me to bed. I new this was the end for me. She cuddled into me and I new that when I closed my eyes I would not open them again. Rather then distressing her I just held her tight told her I loved her and then shut my eyes.


And I’ve just stirred after telling my pillow I love them and getting annoyed about it…..

I used to often wake up on a Sunday next to her at this time and I would lay there with one arm behind her and play pokemon go for a hour or so.

Then I would hug into her and eventually drift off.

Then I would sneak out of bed when I heard the kids stirring and get all the kids there breakfast. Leaving her to sleep a little. My little way of saying thank you for what you do.

Suppose its just a memory but its a strong one. One that wont ever leave me and I got the honour of being able to dream about it tonight.

Dream Diary.

Very strange but nice dream tonight.

Things had resolved and we were getting pressure from family. It was years after. I can only remember highlights from the dream.

# Us both stranding up to family members.

# Giving back the ring.

# Getting to take her to prom , seeing her grown up.

# A games night with the kids.

It made me sad when I woke up but then I thought . I’ve been wanting a dream like that for a while. So I could just enjoy the moment so don’t be sad. Just close your eyes and think about it really hard as you go back off to sleep in hope of another great dream.

Nightmare… Actually I Loved It.

You ever had a good dream woke up and thought god daym I was enjoying that. We’ll that happened last night I have three vivid dreams that I woke up from I can only remember one.

Zombie apocalypse !!

I was running down a street being chased by some of the undead however they were quite a distance from me. There was another guy running with me but I didn’t know him.

I could see I hiding spot behind a old wall ….

No idea what it was doing in a city.

I was hoping the other guy would keep running and draw the zombies away from me. He instead joined me ..that’s when I turned into a dick.

I told him “stay here I will get help” jumped out from the wall and through a stone against it making noise so zombies were attracted to him and I got away while they got him…

From there I went into a house through a metal garage . It was full of weapons . I was over whelmed and didn’t no witch one to pick. Then I heard a dog barking .

Went into the rest of the house to see a dog chained up in the living room barking. I went back into the garage to get something to cut his chain.
It was atractting lots of zombies so I was going to let him outside to give them a run and destract once again from me. This time though the dog just walked through them as  they headed to me…….
Anyway there was quite a bit more to that dream but I’m getting tired and hoping I have a good dream again tonight.