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It’s really nice to have plans. Recently I’ve just been drifting through life….

I feel exited to the point I can’t sleep it’s going to be amazing . Just having some time for myself. Going to relax and have fun and grab every opportunity that comes my way really just go for it and try and live in the moment.

I hope I can sleep soon my average sleep at the moment is 3 hours I’ve been using a app that records you sleep and tells you all the stats… So yeah I get about 3 hours apparently I move every 40/50 seconds and I talk and have cried in my sleep….you have no idea how depressing that is to listen too !



Well I’ve found myself with a lot of free time of late. That’s what being a loser is. Sitting alone wishing you were being more productive then realising I actually do quite a bit ! Must be I’ve lost over a stone I’m definitely getting out and about…. But I still have some free time now and again.

This has given me time to revisit a book I’ve been on and off writing for a year or so. It’s coming along great . 

Anyway I may preview a short clip here if there is enough interest. 

It’s a romantic comedy where unusual parings are made and people are thrown together to survive a plauge of abductions… What to read a clip just like this blog (so I no there is interest) and follow to get a email as soon as it’s uploaded. 

If I get 10+ likes it’s happening for sure ✌️