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Weird Weekend

Haha I love the IT crowd and I understand Roy’s opinion here 100%.

I’m luck thought that the people that surround me are awesome. I’ve had a great weekend I really have. Spent loads of time with different groups of friends. Even went for a run with one. I was super nervous about that in case I run like Phoebe from friends 😂

I did lots of pokemon hunting and raiding this weekend too. Cant wait for the community day I will be at mobray park for sure! Oh and i got this beauty ….

Did lots of raiding too and was there when one of my best friend hit 1000 legendary raids! Now that’s impressive.

Love this quote it really is words to live buy. So I’m going to try my best to do just that. I’ve really been overcome with happiness this weekend. Even made for funny viewing me fighting a guy in a pub laughing the whole time…he got a few good digs in but in the kid of pub I’ve been drinking at you get a pint bought after….very strange.

Oh and a bird shat all over me in a busy car park while I was with the kids. We couldn’t stop stop laughing my hat was a right off and had to clean myself up in the toilet….

Its been a weird weekend!😂

Come Back.

I really struggle to believe this quote but I hope I am wrong.

I have quite a lonley life , is that my doing… probably yes. I don’t have many friends . I have a best friend and that is about it.

I struggle to maintain friendships and tend to push people away from me . 

Do you do the same?do you have any advice for me ? Comment below .

Sad Times & Understanding Them.

So let’s just get this out there. Depression sucks ass. Those with it suffer sometimes daily and friends of those suffering try there best to understand.

It’s the nothingness that can be the worst . It’s a strange thing to describe feeling empty sort of numb. The good thing (taking from my experience , not always the same for others.) It tends to pass.

It’s the anxiety , sadness ,self loathing , hopelessness ,isolation and guilt that causes a constant cycle. Some times that cycle can be broken bit often enough it will find its way back too you.

Now our numbness and our difficulty to communicate cam often be read as not caring about others. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Friends and loved ones mean a great deal too us , never forget that.

Stick in there . Never be afraid to educate yourself on the subject of depression and be understanding.

It gets hard before it gets better.

How Do You Make Friends ?

This is going to sound a bit sad but I only have one friend. Now my friend and I very close however I can get pretty lonely.
I am a very social guy and people enjoy my company. It just seams to me that people tend to make bonds with people earlier in life. My best friend from early days moved to the USA.

So I suppose the question is how do you make friends with people , at my age (28).

So I will leave it to you in the comments ? Have you found yourself in the same situation? How did you change things?