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I suppose right now I’m quite numb but pained. Strange sentence right. 

I was lonley and not ready to get into a relationship for whatever reason I’ve tried. Just can’t find it. So I’ve been filling my life up to the brim. Extra time with my kids , going to the gym , doing my photography and catching up with friends.

I do have hope though. I am going to list what I hope for . Maybe one day I will look back on it and I will have some off these things.

* To feel healthy 

* To fall in love

* To make more friends

* Be financially stable

Maybe some goals and things I hope for are easier to achieve than others. Let’s see what the future brings.



Confessing my ABC’s

A- Age: 28

B- Biggest Fear: Getting old and being a burden too my kids.

C- Current Time: 23:05

D- Drink you last had: Coke.

E- Easiest Person To Talk to: My best mate Alex.

F- Favorite Song: wow too man to mention . At the moment. Stop – Against Me!

G- Grossest Memory:Projectile vomiting from my room to the bathroom . I thought I was gonna die !

H- Hometown: Sunderland.

I- In love with: Being a Dad.

J- Jealous Of: I Don’t get jealous.

K- Killed Someone? Loads online.

L- Longest Relationship: 3+ Years.

M- Middle Name: John Henry

N- Number of children: 2

O- One Wish: That my kids live a happy life.

P- Person who you last called: My Sister.

Q- Question you’re always asked: “You’re A Dad?”

R- Reason to smile: kids

S- Song you last sang: Stop – Against Me!

T- Time you woke up: 7am ish.

U- Underwear Color: Batman Pants :p

V- Vacation Destination: Hawaii

W- Worst Habit: Biting Nails and Fingers.

X- Xrays you’ve had: easily 10+

Y- Your favorite food: lasagna.

Z- Zodiac Sign: Libra.

Comment with yours . Let’s get to no each other 🙂

Zombie Plan.

Some things for you to think threw if the dead begin walking amongst us all.


Your going to need a good friend!

Think about it there is a limit to what you can do on your own. You will need someone who can get your back. Someone who is resourceful and trust worthy. After all you are going to have to share your zombie plan with them.
It’s best if it’s a friend you have now as you should not them pretty well. Just remember those things about them that iterate you sometimes may be a problem as you stick together 24/7.

Your going to have to tool up.


You have to accept that at some point you will have to fight. It really will turn into survival of the fitest.
So tool up strait away. Unless your prepared and already own weapons your going to need to get some. Now you can make a lot of good weapons from house hold objects. I would not attempt a raid at a weapons shop as that will be a massive target for others and you may be caught in the gun fire. Instead get yourself to a hardware shop if safe.


Your going to need a base.


Your going to have to think very carefully about were you are going to call home during the zombie apocalypse.
It’s going to have to secure against the zombies as well any human threats . If you are there long turn you should be thinking about possible farming and food storage . Of cause always have a escape plan from your base don’t get cocky.

Supplies , hey ur heard food is important.


Your going to have to gather supplies quite early into the outbreak. It is essential. Remember to think long term . Tined items with big expiration dates. You should also be thinking about farming and ways to grown and maintain your supplies.

If I Was Running For PM.

In my therapy writing group we were given a task to write a list of polices that we would put into place if we were PM ( Prime minister).
There was no limits set on what we could choose.

I have to say that all my polices are based on things that I thought were a good idea after a few pints!ha!

1.Paid birthdays off from work.
2.Schools finish 1 hour early over the summer.
3.Higher pension , employer must pay in more than the employee.
4.People on job seakers allowance will do unpaid work up to 16 hours. E.g litter picking and shoveling snow.
5.Give single fathers more rights.
6.Teach children from a younger age how to cook . What is a healthy lifestyle etc.
7.Slow premises to decide on smoking ban unless a restaurant or a buissnes that caters towards children.
8.No company allowed to discriminate against people with tattoos , piercings and coulourd hair.
9.Food vouchers for Milk & Veg for pensinors .
10.Teach Spanish in schools instead of French and German.

Do you agree with any of my polices? Would you vote for me? Do you have any good policy ideas you have ?let us no in the comment section.

Make It Happen!


So there is no doubt possitive thinking is definitely important.some days though it’s hard. I get it. It’s about setting goals. Small achievable goals.
So I’m going to share some off mine. 5 to do with mental health and 5 that are just general. I would very much like it if you could comment and tell us some of your goals or some that you have achieved in the comment section.

1. Find ways to be alone with my thoughts.
2.Think of things with logic ,
3.Don’t always joke when uncomfortable.
4.Make new friend’s.
5.Don’t lie about how I feel.

1.Run the great north run this year.
2.Get on Holliday with the lads.
3.Get a job in care.
4.Keep Blogging.
5.keep losing weight.