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This it so true right now.

I feel lonely a lot of the time at the moment and it’s something I’ve always stressed about. 

I’m 30 I have two kids and I want to share my life with someone. I had horrible break ups . I don’t no if I’ve got the strength to try again and if I do I’m not meeting anyone any time soon.

I seam to be stuck in a cycle at the moment. I can almost feel my anxiety bubbling under the surface ready to explode . 

I am for the most part controling it.

Work has been rough recently too lots of changes and things just generally going tits up.
I look forward to my sleep. Listing to my podcasts as I drift off….


Is One Friend Enough ?


I wonder sometimes if I fit in with people as I can honestly say I only have one friend. He is awesome don’t get me wrong “A brother from another mother”.


I can’t help think though it may be good for me to get some more friends.

How though ? Mabye you could tell me in the comment section?

How Do You Make Friends ?

This is going to sound a bit sad but I only have one friend. Now my friend and I very close however I can get pretty lonely.
I am a very social guy and people enjoy my company. It just seams to me that people tend to make bonds with people earlier in life. My best friend from early days moved to the USA.

So I suppose the question is how do you make friends with people , at my age (28).

So I will leave it to you in the comments ? Have you found yourself in the same situation? How did you change things?