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Never Shut The Fuck Up…..

I talk ….then I talk…then I txt….then I talk….

I’ve noticed I can’t shut my daym mouth especially when my anxiety is peaking but when I was at my worst point last year I spent a lot of time on my own walking no talking.

I walked for miles every night armed with my Spotify and Pokémon go ( gotta catch em all quietly)

I thought about all sorts and at a few poits didn’t manage to hold back tears and must have looked like a crazy person walking by the road.

Hey don’t listen to Jonny cash when your depressed. 😂

You see I don’t seam to ever do this anymore . Just pop in the ahead phones and just walk no plan just keep walking deciding every turn as you approach them.

Was a good way to fill time. I wasn’t ready to be on my own just doing nothing. Needed to keep busy.

It’s not something I need to do unless I’m going through something . 

Suppose a coping method in a way.


They Say That Love Is Forever…

So she shared a song with me last night and after listening close to the lyrics today it was inane man it’s exactly how I feel.

I mean check the lyrics above. I’m definitely broken but I no that she is truly the first person I’ve felt like this for I will never leave her.

The crazy thing is after telling her . Those lyrics is exactly how I feel from my perspective and she said the reason she had shared that with me was it’s how she felt too.

Man I’m in love.