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100% Me this morning. However I still remained buzzing .

I enjoy my early nights nowerdays. I’m fine with sounding like an old man but it’s when i find my peace.

Getting to sleep used to be filled with anxiety but now it’s such a great routine and I’m asleep within minutes.


Get Lost.

I am still in love but I’m not hurting anymore. I am finding myself again. I am putting the right people first.

I’ve enjoyed my weekend away with the kids and a long weekend off work.

Today was the first time in ages where I just relaxed .

I’m in a really good place at the moment lots of things are coming together.

Can’t believe how many Google searches I get a day from the same IP …. Obsessive much ?


This is so true! I’ve found some interesting things out over the last week that are actually on a hole new level.

You see people have tried too look at my blogs and my life and try to pigeon hole me into a disorder or hope that I would fit neatly into a box making there life easier to pass judgement.

The truth is. As most of my long time followers will no I do not have a diagnosed mental condition . Never have and have never seeked help until recently.

I have however had very close relationships with people with mental health issues and have actually been a long time carer for one. So to say I understand and sympathize would I think be a understatement.

“Is he obsessive ?”

“Does he have two personally types?”

“Is he OCD?”

“Is he a loner?”

Honesty some real crack attempt at analysing someone hoping to god you would get lucky and there would be evidence of that. Bingo! Oh no false call πŸ˜‚

The best thing out of this at the moment is my friendships are getting stronger and restoring with people. The help and support they give is unbelievable and things I’ve seen and can use are going to be really good help.

So once again I shall sleep well. Feeling very good at the moment .

Of course dosent mean that I don’t love or hurt. I’m just used to the hurt now.

I Just Don’t Know….

Since Buff the vampire slayer was on TV I’ve absolutely loved it. I identified strait away with the character of Xander Harris. He was just a normal , funny & sarcastic guy who was loyal to his friends. Even putting himself in halms way…..

He really was the heart of the group and wore that heart on his sleeve.

I wanted to be him.

So much so that I got into my first fight with the mindset of what would Xander do ?

So after talking to him about that it’s no wonder that he chose those words while signing my pop figure !

Oh did I jump ahead on this story ? …okay let’s go back.

So yes his character was a major influence in my life.

So I get a notification on Instagram…. Oh wow !!

Hea coming to my area !!! Never in a million years would I have thought this would happen.

So strait away I book tickets VIP the works.

But then the worry kicks in. Could she really fuck another thing up for me.

I got in my own head about it?. Should I go ? It’s the last place on earth I want drama?

So eventually I was like….

I made the appropriate calls to make sure it wasn’t going to effect my night.

The night was amazing Nic is such a welcoming person. It felt like we were all round his house just having a laugh.

He loved my question in the Q&A and people were commenting about how funny our back and fourth was ! Unbelievable seriously !

Then I took a risk. Now it’s time to confess so apologies to Nic if you read this but hopefully you will just appreciate my get up and go ….

Nic smokes , I smoke. I notice he was going through a fire door at the back to smoke. I said to my mate …I’m gonna go through. Hey if it’s a problem I will come back out.

So I did it Nic was not put out but we had to hold the door tight to stop followers .

There will be nothing cooler than having a smoke with one of your hero’s…one time i even needed his lighter πŸ˜‚

But that just sums up the kind of guy he is.

I just don’t think I can do the night justice talking on here.




Today has been really good fun! Stated the day with a little sleep in as the boys and I had a late night. Of course my youngest was up first and in my new bed checking how comfortable it is πŸ˜‚

I asked him if you could do anything today what would you want to do…..

No surprise Xbox was the first choice but I said no to that so second choice was swimming.

They both got excited and wanted to go to one at Shields but I had a great surprise up my sleeve. I told them when we got there I needed to go to a shop that had cheep swim shorts as mine are tatty.

So we headed on our mission. I had to do some crazy driving to make sure they didn’t see where we were going.

We were going too……

We stopped at some shops to keep the story going right opposite the water park. We had a walk around and played some pogo…

There was a subway so we grabbed a little bite too eat . They still have didn’t have a clue about the suprise !

Then I dropped it on them.

I think by the look on my youngests face they where happy ! πŸ˜‚

So off to wet n wild! We played loads I chassed them , through them in the water and went down slides ! My oldest lad went down the biggest ones ! He’s braver than me for sure !!

We where there for about 3/4 hours and it flew by was really good fun.

Then I made us a big tea.

#ratemyplate πŸ˜‚ sure fairly average but the boys are it all up. Quite surprising because the youngest can definitely be picky.

So does that mean I’ve gone a day without wishing her and her daughter where there with us. Of course not.

A day dosent go by without those thoughts but it was still a great day !

Now time to try and sleep. Hoping tonight I have the dream I have a lot wake up sad but sleep happy.