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If you could wipe the memories that hurt would you?

I was driving around tonight and no matter where I drove a memory would shoot strait into my head about where I was.

All sorts and even though it hurt to have the memory they where of good times.

At times I prayed that those memories would never come to me again. I’m sure we have all thought the same. I just find myself conflicted.

I suppose at the moment like most nights I’m wishing for the memories to create a dream so I can escape reality for a while.



something about the sun shinning that really perks up my spirit. Really looking forward to tonight now.

Ex raid first with the Pokรฉmon go crew and a little hunting.

Then off out with a friend tonight not sure where we are going yet but we’ve been somewhere different each week so should be interesting.


That could one way at looking at it.

I’ve been in a few relationships that when they started to end they would make these claims. I always remember one when I was around 18 actually had to persuade her to take a test and only just as she was about to take it the truth came out.

I’ve had one where it left me in pieces. I wanted more than anything to start a family with her .

Holding her belly , talking to the baby. During a time of sadness it gave me hope and thought it was just my luck that it would come at a time like this.


I suppose in a weird way I’m not mad just disappointed and I’m not sure why.

I suppose its gave me a brief feeling of happiness that felt real and discovered I’m terrible at thinking of baby names!

Yes,I’m Fine.

Was half way through writing a blog when I came across this amazing poster!

I’m going to break it down and what it means to me underneath it.

Freaked out....

Yeah I freak out now and again not so much at the moment but its usually down to my perception of either myself or a social situation.


I suppose I have quite a lot of insincerity all born out of past relationships and Self doubt about myself.

I shared my insecurity and what upset me with the wrong people unfortunately. So it could be used with little jokey put downs that had an effect on me.


I’ve always been a nervous guy however not many people would say that about me. Guess I’ve kinda worked out how to use my nervous energy to my advantage.

Guess I’ve always forced myself into situations where nervous are inevitable. Like playing in bands and acting. Its the trade off for doing something you love…..I guess.


To say I’m emotional would be a understatement especially recently. I’ve always connected with a certain type of music……

Wonder why?

I’ve always been comfortable expressing my emotions even if this is often taken advantage of or mocked by the people who matter the most to me.

How Embarrassing…..

Its time to SHARE with you and see if you have the guts to open up and share too!

I’m going to share two embarrassing moments from my life. Get them off my chest , hopefully provide a laugh at my expense !

So here we go…..

Embarrassing moment one.

So when I was in the first year of primary school (aged 5). I had been very nervous and was beginning to make new friends and was about to make an impression on everyone that would last.

So the teacher told everyone “get your clothes off for P.E” (gym).

So I did that before anyone new I was standing there stark naked ready for P.E…..

Took that far too literally ๐Ÿ˜‚

Embarrassing Moment Number 2.

So I had started my new job and was settling in quite well. It was a rather large building I was working in (7 floors) . Unfortunately when it came to the men’s toilets there was only a single toilet on each floor.

The toilet had a door going into a area with a sink and a hand dryer then a separate door into an area directly ahead where the toilet was. The door to the toilet area is always pined back.

So as I sat there on the toilet surfing Facebook on my phone. Someone open the door in. I had left the door unlocked by accident. I lent back so only my legs and feet were visible as this person realised I was there and quickly left. I thought thank god they wouldn’t no it was me then I looked down I had my favorite very distinguishable vans on…..

I had to then walk back into work knowing I was the joke around the office.

So here comes that challenging part as I said at the start of this blog.

I dare you to write some of your embarrassing moments in the comment section !

Lets see if you have the guts.

Stupid people……

When someone has extensive knowledge about how someone acts . How that person puts themselves before anyone including there closest family. Did they not think how they might act selfishly to work there own agenda that leaves someone you apparently care about in a vulnerable position …. no you didn’t think conman sense had well and truly left the building.

Today has been very testing for me. In my personal life and at work but you know what…. I handled it like I always do.

Had a really nice night with the kids they definitely needed some TLC and I needed to hug them more than they needed it to be fair.

Anyway tomorrow is TUESDAY and usually a tender time of the week , however I’m really looking forward to it. Its great to sometimes not have plans and just roll with it. I was at the gym tonight so don’t necessarily have to go tomorrow.


When Your Sad….

I’m Sad !

One thing I hate about Anxiety is always needing to fix and solve problems i hate things that I can’t control.

I’m.not even sure this is coman with Anxiety but it plays on my mind.

First of all of I don’t no what’s upsetting you is the worst. That means I have to go through millions of reasons you could be upset and then try and fix them all so that if I’m right I will no what to Do.

In reality I probly won’t. I will however try.