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Therapy & Writing Part 3.

In today’s exercise we had to pick a post card out of a selection that stood out too us and write about it. I picked this one.


This is what I wrote .

I take photos all the time for me it’s a way to save a memory. It could be a landscape of Roker seafront or simply the sun breaking threw the clouds.
I have 20+ albums on facebook titled the kids or family. I can’t wait to show the bos some of these photos , saving the embarrising ones for future partners and birthdays.
I find it very sad when people do not have these memories. Will the people who don’t wish they did later in life?
So for me I suppose when I’m old and gray I would like to be surrounded with memories like this bed.

Do you relate to my writing ?have you done exercisers like this ? Let me no in the comment section.