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Another Great Night 👌

So ready for sleep right now. I feel like I’ve been sleeping less as I’ve been busy doing various things but when I do sleep man do I sleep ! It’s great.

So time to pop on a pod cast and hope I dream of something nice . 

Peace out world see you on the other side 👌

Love You All

Just a quick shout out to my followers. Love you all appreciate the likes , follows and the views.

Keep smiling and if your feeling bad…write about it. 

A rare night for me when I feel content looking forward to sleep listing to a bit Karl Pilkington ✌️

Sleep Well.

For me my anxiety rears its horrible head at night. He waits till the moment I am most tierd and then says.. “have you switched off this oven?” “Are the kids okay” “is …. In a mood with you” and question after question.
The way I deal with this on a night is to listen to a pod cast . I listen to pod casts with Karl pilkinton as it’s funny and puts me in a good and relaxed mood.

Also for those that follow me I have been in a relationship for a number of months now and couldn’t be happier.

I have been able to sleep without a pod cast and instead a good cuddle calms my mind.

So hang in there.

Do you have the same problem?talk to me about it on the comment section.

Thank You Karl Pilkington!


You heard me right THANK YOU KARL!
I suffer from anxiety and the worst part for me and a lot of other people is trying to sleep .
It’s a nightmare (pun totally intended).

I decided that I would try listing to audio books however I would lose track and if I fell asleep would be annoying trying to find were I was and a happy subject .

I truly believe that if you go to sleep listing to something that makes you smile then you will wake up happy.


So I was lucky enough to stumble across pod casts buy Ricky Gervais , Steven Merchant & Karl Pilkington.


So every night for nearly a year now . When it’s time for sleep I just grab a random episode and let it play from my phone.


Now the crazy thing is . When I have spoken to other friends that also suffer from anxiety . Do the same thing and listen to Karl too.

So Thank you once again from us !

Here’s some great quotes from Karl .





So do you guys do the same ? Or do you have other methods to get to sleep ? Let us know in the comment section .