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Express Your Power Be Creative.

I am a MASSIVE fan of creativity in any form. It could be a joke , art , crafts , blogs ,videos ,expressionism , music , acting the list could go on pages.

The top and bottom off it I feel it’s important for us to express to release.

Don’t fear it , don’t fear judgement. I have taken part in many types of creativity and 9/10 times it creates happiness . 

Just the other day my partner was making crafts for a fair and I got stuck in. She showed me how to transfer a pattern on to wood and it was a great thing to share in that creative outlet.

People who aren’t creative well I feel they are repressed just waiting for someone to drag them up a mountain so they can scream and let themselfs go.

Once you let your power out and show other people your creativity and all round positiveness you help with creating a better world.

And soon…

It’s can be anything the other day I turned a quote from my tipsy partner into a meme . 

It gave us all on Facebook a great laugh.
You got to let it out be creative . You could even write a blog ☺️✌️