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Weird Weekend

Haha I love the IT crowd and I understand Roy’s opinion here 100%.

I’m luck thought that the people that surround me are awesome. I’ve had a great weekend I really have. Spent loads of time with different groups of friends. Even went for a run with one. I was super nervous about that in case I run like Phoebe from friends 😂

I did lots of pokemon hunting and raiding this weekend too. Cant wait for the community day I will be at mobray park for sure! Oh and i got this beauty ….

Did lots of raiding too and was there when one of my best friend hit 1000 legendary raids! Now that’s impressive.

Love this quote it really is words to live buy. So I’m going to try my best to do just that. I’ve really been overcome with happiness this weekend. Even made for funny viewing me fighting a guy in a pub laughing the whole time…he got a few good digs in but in the kid of pub I’ve been drinking at you get a pint bought after….very strange.

Oh and a bird shat all over me in a busy car park while I was with the kids. We couldn’t stop stop laughing my hat was a right off and had to clean myself up in the toilet….

Its been a weird weekend!😂


Major News Announcement!

Oh no did I just troll you…. don’t be silly.

I think through most of my life I’ve dealt with people who have this attitude “no one cares” . Its very sad for sure and I think most people would say they have felt like this at some point in there life.

I find when I’m going through this these steps have really helped me.

1.Remember The Little Things.

At times when we are in this downwards spiral we can easily forget that the people we care about show us how much they care in different ways. It doesn’t always have to be a massive gesture either.

2.Take A Breathe.

Take some time to clear your head and take stock. Remember that things may seam worse at the moment but in time those things will melt away.

Hope full those steps will help. Do you do any of those steps? Can you think of anything else that may help?

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I’m sure I’ve used this before but it remains relevant to me 100% . At work I just kinda glide through things I don’t usually talk to many people anyway and if I do it’s just polite answers to questions related to my work.

My mind however is constantly all over the place my stomach sinks constantly triggered by random thoughts.

You see it doesn’t really matter what I’m doing it all goes back to the same thing……


Well I’ve found myself with a lot of free time of late. That’s what being a loser is. Sitting alone wishing you were being more productive then realising I actually do quite a bit ! Must be I’ve lost over a stone I’m definitely getting out and about…. But I still have some free time now and again.

This has given me time to revisit a book I’ve been on and off writing for a year or so. It’s coming along great . 

Anyway I may preview a short clip here if there is enough interest. 

It’s a romantic comedy where unusual parings are made and people are thrown together to survive a plauge of abductions… What to read a clip just like this blog (so I no there is interest) and follow to get a email as soon as it’s uploaded. 

If I get 10+ likes it’s happening for sure ✌️